Dutch Oven Fruit Crisp

Dutch Fruit Crisp
with Joshua McFadden

This is one of the simplest, most satisfying things I’ve ever had camping. Good at night, in the morning, after a hike, or whenever. Make this when others are making s’mores and you’ll find new friends.

This is also more of a guideline than a recipe. Try to use fruit in season. Don’t have fruit in season? Bring frozen fruit. I use peaches, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. This can easily be made with apples. You could even add in jams or fruit juice to speed the process and add to the overall sweetness. I bring store-bought scone dough in tube form, made by Immaculate Baked Goods. It saves a lot of time and is quite delicious. Immaculate Baked Goods uses real ingredients and has no GMOs, so seek it out. If you want to make a batch of scones or biscuits go for it.

Fruit Crisp
Dutch Oven

A mix and a good bit.

Raw is Best.

Put in some salt.

A small knob.

Biscuit Dough
Store bought in a tube.

Side Plate of Add-Ons
Buffet Style




Get a Dutch Oven over medium heat. Have some coals ready to go and place a nice knob of butter and let it melt. Then add an even layer of sugar, not a lot, two tablespoons or so. This will begin to brown and immediately. Next, add in all the chopped fruit and stir. Keep stirring this, all the juice in the fruit will start to release and the fruit will cook. A nice thing to do is add the fruit in layers so you get a nice texture from some cooked and some less cooked.

Pull off the heat, crack the biscuits out of their tube and layer around the top, pushing them down just a bit. Set the dutch oven back on the fire and add the coals to the top. Check at around four minutes to see what is going on in there. You don’t want them to burn. The whole thing should take around 12 minutes. At about the halfway point, take off the heat and pile coals just on top.

Serve as is, or with bowls of yogurt, granola, and ice cream. Now make some friends.