Pizza Slice Explained


Poler has partnered with Sizzle Pie to create a bit of holiday magic: The Santa Slice. A slice the size of an entire pizza, just as the forefathers intended. Legend has it Santa can eat a whole pie, but you will most certainly have trouble finishing one slice. Available in limited quantities the week leading up to Christmas, destined to become a Portland tradition for generations. Choose from Cheese, Pepperoni or Vegan, and collect all three boxes with special PolerXSizzlePie art. Just don’t forget to leave one wrapped under the Christmas tree for the jolly old fella with the big appetite.

The Santa Slice is available while supplies last at the downtown Sizzle Pie from 11-7pm. There are three different collectible boxes with custom artwork available. If you bring your box to Poler Portland you will get 10% off your purchase. If you visit Poler Portland and buy a special edition foamy, then take that to Sizzle Pie, you will get the Santa Slice for the low low price of 5 bucks.