Best Payment Options for Gambling Transactions in India

Gambling comes with a wholesome experience when you do things the right way. As an Indian player looking to do things the right way, research is one of those things you must hold vital. Your plan is to get entertained and not to get defrauded. Therefore, you must take your time to check out casinos before you gamble with them.

One of the things you want to pay attention to is the payment options available to you. The first reason why you need to pay attention to the payment options is apparent. Casinos differ in policy, and not all casinos accept Indian rupees. However, you might not know this because those casinos will not tell you they don’t accept Indian Rupees.

Understanding how things work will help you save some time. Also, the payment options available in a casino can sometimes be a pointer to the casino’s legitimacy. For instance, some Indian players prefer to gamble at Astropay casino for Indian players because they think they are safe using the payment system and the casino involved.

Seeing how important it is to understand the payment options, we have put together this article. In this piece, you will find a list of the best payment options for gambling in India.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Payment Option

There are several methods of payment that you can use in different casinos. Ordinarily, picking a method of payment should be by your spending habit and preference. But then, many of these casinos assign terms and conditions to these payment methods such that some of them are more favourable than others. While you might feel wrong about these terms and conditions, casinos put them in place to ensure they do not run at a loss.

So, while they consider not running at a loss, you must also put in some work to ensure you do not run at a loss. You need to consider the following factors when choosing the right payment option for gambling in India.

1. Are There Extra Charges

Not all payment options are free of charge. Therefore, except you are willing to drop some of your money while making a deposit, you must find a free option. And if you cannot find one that is free, at least find one that will not cost you much.

2. Regulatory Policies

You also need to take note of the policies that affect the payment option you are choosing. In India, your payments to online casinos are controlled by the Reserve bank of India. The apex bank monitors all payments to ensure they do not contravene the Payment Settlement and Systems Act.

For instance, most Indian banks might not allow you to use their cards to make deposits in casinos because of some of the regulations in that act. Also, many casinos have internal policies on how much you can deposit per transaction. Whatever you do, ensure you understand all these policies before picking a choice.

3. Speed of Processing

Different financial operators handle the different payment options. Many of these financial operators have their policy of moving money around. In some cases, deposits can be instant, while some operators will have you wait for hours r days to confirm your payment. Your ideal method of payment should offer you an instant confirmation.

Best Payment Options for Indian Gamblers

Now that you know the factors to consider before choosing a payment method, what are the best options you have? The following is a list of the best options you have as an Indian punter. These methods are tested and trusted, and we know they are safe and secure for your use.

• E-wallets

E-wallets or electronic wallets are new financial solutions for payment in online casinos. Like the name, these e-wallets act as temporary storage for your funds. That is, they allow you to keep and manage all of your funds in one place.

The beauty of using an e-wallet is that the payment offers you a fast, easy and safe method of making deposits in online casinos. To make payments with e-wallets, all you need is your email and a unique password. That way, the payment adds a layer of anonymity to your payments reducing the chances of losing your money to fraudsters.

Some popular E-wallet methods include:

• Neosurf
• Paypal
• Skrill
• Neteller and so on.

To use any of these payment options, open an account with the operator. After that, ensure that you go through the verification process. As soon as your account is ready, fund the wallet, and then you can then use the wallet to fund your gambling account.

• Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new method of payment in online casinos in India. However, the option is fast becoming very popular. Today, many casinos allow you to pay with digital coins like bitcoin, Litecoin and many other similar cryptocurrencies.

An excellent reason to use cryptocurrency for your deposit is the speed of transactions. At the moment, crypto payments are probably the fastest method of making deposits at online casinos. More so, you do not have to divulge a lot of your personal and financial information while making payments. In some cases, payment with crypto comes with no charges.

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