Pediatric Nurse: Making A Big Difference 

A certified pediatric nurse is of great help in making children and families become better people mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is an important field because the care of children is unlike that of adults.

Pediatric care, today, is far different than what it used to be before, as health care providers are more involved in the lives and well-being of young patients as it covers more and more aspects of their life and their health.

Having said that, it takes a special person to become a pediatric nurse, because though the job is rewarding, it can take both a mental and physical toll on the individual and is not meant for the faint-hearted.

Requirements to become a pediatric nurse

If you are passionate about taking care of children and becoming a nurse, then there is nothing that can stop you. However, you need to mark off some items on the checklist to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse.

First and foremost, there is no certification required to work as a nurse for children. However, for gaining specialized knowledge it is important to get an online nursing degree or earn a diploma from an approved nursing program.

After completing the necessary education requirements, a pediatric nurse has to acquire sufficient clinical experience with pediatric patients for at least two years.

Role of a pediatric nurse

Pediatric nurse practitioners are capable of treating children in a range of settings such as pediatrician offices, schools, clinics and specialty care centers. 

Apart from providing the necessary care, they need to participate in national organizations to share their expertise with other nursing personnel and implement research.

They further note down medical histories, are supposed to interpret diagnostic tests and prescribe the appropriate medication by evaluating therapeutic management plans.

The career of a pediatric nurse

Those opting for a career in nursing can choose to be either a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. While a registered nurse provides emotional support to the patient and the family members, a nurse practitioner goes a step further to ordering x-rays, evaluating results, and prescribing medication.

An aspiring pediatric nurse is more likely to have some important healthcare traits, as they have to work in a range of environments, ranging from nursing homes, schools, and clinics to social services.

A pediatric nurse should be cheerful and friendly in nature, with good communication skills with persons of all ages. They should be able to work under pressure, with patience and willingness to care for children.

Some pediatric nurses can opt to specialize in a particular field of children’s health like neurology, anesthetics or oncology for those suffering from cancerous tumors.


Becoming a pediatric nurse involves not only taking care of loving children but also being strong and brave enough when they face any kind of suffering. After all, the kids are the most difficult patients to take care of, as all they may do is scream when they feel hurt.

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