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6 Benefits Of Pill Organizer Purse

Did you know that more than 50% of Americans take at least one medicine a day, with senior citizens taking five or more medications every day?

However, there are so many people all over the world who forget to take their medications or keep losing them here and there. One of the most important aspects of medication adherence is to take the proper dosage at the proper time.

Failure to do so can not only cause the disease to come back but also harm the body’s normal physiology. This is where a pill organizer purse comes in handy. If you’re someone who forgets to take medicines on time, you can purchase a pill organizer.

1. Makes you remember to take the medicine

When you have a pill organizer, it automatically helps you to remember when to take which medicine. It might be tough to remember to take all your medicines right from the first day of using the purse, but gradually, you’ll get used to it.

If you keep the box on your bedside table or on the dining room table, you’ll remember to take your medicines without skipping any doses.

2. Keeps your medicines organized

This is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a pill organizer purse. Since all your tablets are kept in one box, you stay organized. This way, you won’t have to keep hunting for medicines and you won’t even lose them.

Many medicines cost quite a lot of money, so it can be a lot of trouble to go buy new ones. In order to keep all your tablets in one place, an organizer purse is ideal.

3. Helps you to stock medicines

If you don’t have a pill organizer, chances are that you often run out of medicines, and then you have to go and buy new ones. While that can be done, sometimes, some medicines can frequently go out of stock. This happens especially in the case of medicines like Dosey that are consumed by people all over the world.

On the other hand, if you have a pillbox where each medicine will be marked clearly, you’ll be able to know beforehand and then stock up on that particular medicine. This way, you won’t have to go even one day without your medication.

4. Easier to carry

If you are someone who goes on trips frequently, you’ll know how messy it is to keep carrying different strips and bottles of medicines for your trip.

They not only take up a lot of space in your luggage but can also get damaged while being transported in the cargo. A pill organizer keeps all your medicines safe and is also very easy to carry. It is only one box with different compartments and takes up very little space too.

5. Have clear markings

Pill organizers come with very clear markings, such as “Day”, “Night”, or the names of the different days. This helps you to understand clearly when to take which pill. If you don’t have a pill organizer, you might get confused and lose track of your doses.

Sometimes you might end up taking the same medicine twice or not taking it at all. But when you have a pillbox, it lets you know the correct doses of each medicine so that it’s much easier for you to keep track. This is especially true for young children or elderly people who tend to mix up doses.

6. Can be used by anyone

Pill organizers are really easy to handle. They simply have lids that can be opened by anyone, even patients with arthritic fingers.

Usually, tablet strips or bottles cannot be opened easily by seniors or very young children, which often causes a problem. In most pill organizer purses, the lids open and close with only a slight push. So they are easy to operate by patients, irrespective of their age or any other barriers.

Over to you…

Depending on your specific medication needs, you can buy a pill organizer based on weekly pills, weekly multidose pills, day travel pills, or anything else. Almost all leading pharmaceutical companies manufacture pill organizers. You can buy one either online or go to a physical store and choose among a large variety. Since medicine strips or bottles often look the same, patients end up mixing up the doses. But with a proper pill organizer purse, all these will be worries of the past!

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