prettiest beaches to get married at night

Prettiest Beaches to Get Married at Night

Getting married on a beach may be your dream, but it often ends up not being as magical as you want it. After all, there are lots of people nearby that can intrude upon your wedding, there is a lot of noise from nearby vehicles, boats, and music, and trying to set up for the wedding can be difficult and ruin the moment.

Thankfully, there is another great option. Instead of getting married during the busiest part of the day at the beach, consider getting married at night on the beach. While there may still be people around, it is often far fewer. The time may also make the whole experience more intimate and you can add fun lights to your wedding as well to make it look that much nicer and romantic

The Reef Playacar Resort & Spa

Located on the “Mexican Riviera” in Playa del Carmen, The Reef Playacar is an amazing option for night time beachfront weddings. With a lush property and expansive beach, it is the ideal setting for the wedding party and guests, with very few other guests around when night falls. The resort also has a world class wedding planner to set up your private affair and make sure it goes off without a hitch.

White Bay Beach

Located in the British Virgin Islands, White Bay Beach is a picturesque area where the water meets the sand. It is said to be the inspiration for Treasure Island. It is usually packed and full of activity, but if you can hire a boat or yacht to take you out there late at night, you can have a pretty nice wedding.

However, the nightlife here is pretty crazy, so if you are having a wedding on the beach at night, you should make sure you are far enough away from the bars that the loud noise won’t disrupt you. Then, you can have your reception near the bars and get some pretty heavy drinks to let everyone relax and have fun after the ceremony.

Sheraton Kauai

Sheraton Kauai is a resort located on Poipu Beach in Hawaii. It is a little out of the way from major parts of Hawaii, but it is located at the southernmost tip of the island and offers gorgeous views of the ocean.

While you don’t have to specifically stay in the resort, it does offer some private beach areas, which means those parts of the beach are likely not as packed, especially at night.

If you want the perfect wedding, try to set it up to happen around sunset. The resort boasts about its sunset views, so getting married on the beach during that time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t ever want to stop bragging about.

There are also 20 acres of tropical gardens, so after the wedding, everyone can go and relax, or take a stroll through the garden before getting some drinks. Though it is a pretty busy resort, it is considered to be a pretty affordable choice and can be a great way to ensure everyone involved in your destination wedding has room and board.

Ocracoke Island

Who says you have to go to a whole other country and travel long distances to have a beautiful wedding? North Carolina has Ocracoke Island, which matches some of the other picturesque beaches on this list. It is often labeled as the best beach in the United States.

It is a little difficult to get to the island, as you have to access the island by ferry, boat, or plane. This means you have to plan a little for your wedding to make sure everyone can get there on time.

Part of the beauty is the 16 miles of beaches with little to no development on them. However, another part of the appeal is that the island isn’t usually very busy. There are only about 800 people that live on the island, and it isn’t a big tourist attraction, so you have the potential to get married during the day or at night on the beach.

Though the island isn’t very big or full of people, there are people on the island that cater and help set up weddings, so you can have people already on the island helping you out and providing the necessary food and equipment.

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