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The Future of Princess Cruise Ship Safety: Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement

Princess Cruise ships offer lots of luxury for a fair price, but safety issues may have you postponing your travels. While it’s certainly not the only cruise ship brand to have been given failing grades by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the Regal Princess receiving the lowest score (77 points out of 100), there are things that desperately need to improve.

These are the challenges that Princess Cruises face.

Preventing Cruise Ship Injuries and Deaths

While many cruise ship deaths are from natural causes, the most common reason for passenger deaths is falling. Roughly 19 people fall overboard each year, and most of them are never found. Guests also have fallen from a higher deck onto a lower one below.

Dangers at Sea

Fires and explosions can sometimes happen on cruise ships. On a cruise ship in the middle of the sea, the cramped spaces below deck can make it difficult for passengers to safely evacuate in time.

While it’s unlikely that today’s cruise ships will sink, it can still happen. But perhaps more common is a ship getting stranded. From 1972 to 2011, there have been 98 cruise ships that have run aground.

Weather can also hamper everyone’s good time. However, Princess Cruises and its crews should be prepared for any weather event and have a plan to keep everyone safe.

Foodborne Illnesses

One of the most imperative tasks of the crew on any cruise ship is properly storing the food. When you board your cruise, so will the food that will be served to the guests.

With a capacity to carry thousands of people on these ships, Princess Cruises should serve food that won’t make them sick. Part of that is through proper storage and sanitary procedures. When the crew shirks responsibilities here, it can lead to gastrointestinal illnesses.

For guests, keep a watchful eye on those buffets. If anything looks or smells off, avoid it and ask the staff for a fresher serving. For crew members, remembering to care for your designated station can prevent guests from becoming ill.

Crime on the High Seas

Many cruise passengers have a false sense of security on a cruise ship as they leave their regular lives behind. However, crime is another challenge that Princess Cruises must contend with, just like any other cruise line. Many of them are sexual assaults, and part of improving these outcomes is better monitoring of common areas.

Sometimes, it is a lack of proper vetting of the crew. Crew members come from all over the world, and when there is a demand to staff a ship, some red flags may be overlooked. Dereliction in checking the background of the crew can lead to a dangerous situation for guests.

Additionally, pirate attacks are a possibility. While they are rarer than crimes like sexual assault, every cruise ship must be ready to prevent a situation with pirates for the safety of everyone on board.

Bugs, Pests, and Lack of Sanitation

Bed bugs can quickly ruin a good time on a cruise. While they aren’t always a measure of negligence or uncleanliness, crew members must take the time to inspect all passenger areas thoroughly.

Other pests can and do get on board in a variety of ways. Also, when proper cleaning measures are neglected, it can lead to other illnesses. The Covid 19 pandemic highlighted how quickly illnesses can spread when people live in close quarters and share the same amenities.

It is the duty of every cruise ship to enact proper and stringent sanitation protocols for the health and livelihood of guests and crew.

How Princess Cruises Can Improve Safety

Princess Cruises, and other cruise lines, face many challenges in providing a safe and fun experience at sea. However, there are opportunities to improve that it can focus on in a number of ways.

For example, to prevent injury and deaths from falling, there should be safety measures implemented on each deck. A safety net can keep guests from falling over railings.

More training for the crew can also help in emergency situations. Learning more about preventative measures to avoid injuries, catastrophes and how to respond can help minimize safety risks for all on the ship.

Additionally, more stringent checks and balances need to be applied for food safety, sanitation, and crime. Princess Cruises should scrutinize crew members more closely to keep passengers safe while they vacation for crime prevention.

You can read more here about what you should do if you are ever a victim of injury, illness, or crime while sailing on Princess Cruises.

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