PS Pocket Tee

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  • Description+

    P.S. There's a pocket on this tee. Big enough for...
    A pack of gum
    A brownie
    Your headphones
    A casette tape
    A pear
    A hamster
    A baby demogorgon
    Some pens
    Several hair ties
    Some pretty rocks
    A Poler patch
    A bag of tea
    A pinecone
    Business Cards
    Maybe another tee if you tried really really hard
    Airplane peanuts
    The kids that get shrunk in Honey I Shrunk The Kids
    Pokemon Cards
    A baby snake
    A Tamagotchi
    A horseshoe
    A Hardboiled Egg
    A Hot pocket

  • Specifications+

    100% Cotton
    Printed in the US of A
  • Sizing+


    Women: Go one size down from what you normally wear in women's specific clothing. ie: if you're a size Medium in women's clothing, go with size Small in Poler.

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