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6 Incredible Tips To Propose To A Girl For Marriage

One of the best things about a healthy, stable relationship is its gradual progress towards marriage. As they rightly say, marriage is a bond that lasts forever.

But proposing to your sweetheart might be a task easier said than done. Diamond rings and fancy dinners might be the ideal choice when proposing to the person you love, but is that all? There are so many things you’ll need to keep in mind before asking your ladylove to say yes.

In case you would like to take your relationship to the next step, i.e, marriage but aren’t sure of how to propose, don’t panic. This list of 6 incredible tips is here to help you through the process.

1. Be thoughtful

While it’s good to buy an expensive ring and take your girlfriend for a lovely dinner or boat ride, it is also important to keep in mind that the evening is all about you and her, not the dinners or rings. So be thoughtful in planning out the entire date night.

The story of how you proposed to her will be shared with all her close peeps, so you might want to make it a story worth telling a hundred times over. You don’t even have to take her on a wild adventure or spend thousands of dollars. Just anything meaningful and simple will do the trick beautifully.

2. Ask permission first

Even though the proposal shall be between you and your girlfriend, it’s still important to ask her parents or immediate family for her hand in marriage in advance.

This not only shows that you are respectful towards your potential in-laws but also gives you an idea of what to expect while proposing. Even after she says yes, remember to tell her parents and family members first before posting pictures or videos on social media.

Another additional advantage of asking permission beforehand is that her parents might even help you to plan out the entire scenario!

3. Timing

Did you know that Valentine’s day is the most popular day men choose for proposing to their partners? In 2018, Google searches for “How to propose” was 12,100 to 22,000 in February?

Christmas is also a busy time of the year when it comes to popping the infamous question: “Will you marry me?”. But other than that, you can choose any meaningful date in the calendar, such as her birthday, or the day when you guys got into a relationship.

4. Know what she loves or hates

Proposing to your girlfriend in a football stadium on a big screen might be the ideal theme for you, but does she share that same interest? If you propose to her in a setting she doesn’t like, she might be sorely disappointed, or even say a flat no, shattering your heart.

I am not telling you to do everything according to her wishes, but make sure the theme, the food, and the place are all according to what you both love.

Try scrutinizing her reaction or emotions regarding the places or ambiances that she loves. It will give you a good idea of how to propose. And in case you feel you’re unable to plan something special, there’s always Youtube or Pinterest to help you out!

5. Try keeping it a secret

Heard of the famous phrase “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? In this case “too many people knowing about your plans spoil the surprise”.

The more people you go around telling, the more are the chances for your surprise to get leaked. And once this news reaches your partner, no matter how excited she might seem on the big day, she’ll know everything beforehand and the entire scenario will be a mess. So make sure to not include too many people in the list.

6. What to wear

The last thing you need is a tight pair of jeans which clearly show the bulge of the ring box. So wear clothes that are loose-fitted with lots of pockets.

This won’t prompt stares from others or your girlfriend, thereby maintaining the surprise. This will also reduce your levels of stress that day significantly.

Over to you…

Proposing can be a big, scary step, but once she says yes, that feeling of joy is unparalleled. If you follow our 6 tips carefully, your girlfriend is sure to say yes even before you complete the sentences with the four magical words!

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