Do I Need Psychiatric Care?

This is really the year when just about everyone needs a little bit of mental help. We all need to balance the brain a little and carry on as well as we can in these rather trying times. It might be having a friend to talk to face to face. It might be a Zoom chat to feel that sense of connection. It might be a short, simple message to a loved one saying, “Hey, how you doin’? I miss you. Hope you’re muddling through these days.”

It might be the practical, sensible decision to seek out a professional to talk to for a wide variety of reasons. Having a word in someone’s ear can be an essential part of working through some things. Moreover, a trained professional has a depth of knowledge and experience to help you get better. You can find some very useful articles about what help is available at!

How Can Psychiatry Help You Deal With Everyday Life

Let’s face it. Everyone is feeling it a bit these days, one way or another. After a long year of washing hands, wearing masks or not wearing masks, being careful or rebelling against COVID rules to assert our freedom, we are all feeling a little bit frazzled in the end.

The business person worried about their company and their employees, and the single person feeling a sense of isolation or missing the halcyon days of unlimited socializing. The parent at home spending time cooped up in the house with a spouse and children they still adore, and the key workers who still have job security but have to get out there day in day out. Mental health & COVID-19 is often less talked about than the physical side of things these days.

No Person Is an Island

Even the strongest of us who can cope with anything still need a shoulder to lean on or a caring ear every now and again. Now is the perfect time to remember your mental health is just as important as the physical, possibly even more so.

The Effects of Stress

Studies have shown that long-term stress, anxiety, or uncertainty can eventually impact physical health, leading to fatigue, illness, or depression. It could even cause symptoms severe enough to stop you from working. It’s unlikely for most to reach that stage, but if you are heading in that direction, don’t you wish you’d learned more before it all went too far?

The Benefits of Improved Mental Health

There are many benefits of good mental health. Underlying them all is an increase in happiness, and we all want that at the end of the day. Whether it’s dealing with a specific issue or a general mental improvement, psychiatric care can improve your quality of life. A psychiatrist has the skills and expertise to understand what is going on and provide useful ways to overcome or cope with what you’re experiencing.

Some benefits of psychiatric care include:

  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Better mood
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Improved focus and clearer thinking
  • More self-esteem and confidence

Final Thoughts

We are all individuals, so what works for one may not help another. However, learning more about our physiological state will benefit us all in the long term. It might be the reassurance that everyone is going through similar things.

There are coping strategies we can learn to make things easier. It could be that a certain type of medication will be the right solution for you. A psychiatrist might be just the person you need right now to help you through life and make you feel stronger.

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