pubg streamers

PUBG Streamers

PUBG Mobile has continued to dominate the gaming community for an extended period. This dominance is over all platforms of the gaming world. Content creators are also getting attracted to it. They are earning big bucks by the online streaming of the game. Some of these content creators even have an international presence.

Twitch, HitBox, Beam, Youtube Gaming, etc are among the top platforms available for streaming purposes. There is a large community of PUBG streamers. It has members from almost the whole world.

Some streamers are so good at gaming and content creation that people love to watch them playing. Some streamers even give their audience a chance with them. Some of the best PUBG streamers are discussed below. It includes both PUBG and PUBG mobile streamers. If you are inspired by these streamers to play PUBG, camp for the best PUBG cd keys at


Atro comes from the Netherlands. He is a YouTube streamer. People find him interesting because of his gaming and most of his content is in Arabic and people find it interesting and funny.

His playing style is aggressive. Instead of camping and hiding, he likes to rush towards the enemy. His sniping skills are second to none. His YouTube channel has almost 9.8 million subscribers.


Levinho is a YouTube streamer. He belongs to Sweden. The content by Levinho is about classic matches. He is loved by people for posting videos about interesting events of a match. Another reason for his huge fan following is his ability to play which is a very entertaining watch. He has more than 9.32 million subscribers to his channel.

His style of play is very skillful. He also prefers rushing towards the enemy rather than camping.


Mortal is the biggest name of PUBG in India. Mortal earned his fame by participating in gaming events held by eSports and other competitive gaming events. He is also the owner of one of the famous squads of the world “Soul Sports”.

Apart from his gaming skills, the reason for his popularity is the fun that he creates during his streaming sessions. He actively interacts with his viewers. His content is light-hearted and family-friendly. He has almost 6.25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel that is huge.


Tacaz is a famous Vietnamese streamer of PUBG video games. Tacaz is also a very skillful PUBG player. His style of play is very unique and attractive. He is famous for his solo-vs-squad battles. People become mesmerized after viewing his insane skills.

The YouTube channel of Tacaz is also very famous. His streaming channel has almost 3.8 million subscribers, which is huge. Apart from Instagram, he is famous on other social media platforms.

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