Pursuing an Online MBA

What to Expect When Pursuing an Online MBA in Human Resources

If you’re considering pursuing an online MBA degree with a concentration in human resources, there are several things you should know before starting. These include what you can expect from the curriculum, what careers you may find with this degree, and how much it costs.

A typical MBA in human resources program consists of foundational business classes, HR management courses, and a capstone course. Students can choose a specific topic for their capstone, which is ideal for those interested in working in a particular industry.

Core Courses

An MBA in Human Resources is an excellent way to prepare for leadership roles in this dynamic field. This program offers a variety of HR core courses and specialty concentrations, allowing you to tailor your learning experience.

The coursework will provide you with skills in analyzing and solving human resources issues. You will also learn about the role of leadership in human resources and the business process. These courses will also help you develop your ability to create a positive workplace culture and nurture an efficient workforce.

You’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials while pursuing your MBA with human resources concentration online. This includes certifications through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).


The online degree program focuses on developing your leadership and management skills and the expertise to help you lead an HR department. The curriculum covers various topics, such as employee relations, conflict resolution, and labor laws.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from multiple electives that can round out your studies. These include courses in business research, global organizations and management, leadership development, human resource strategy, and international business, among others.

The curriculum comprises 36 credits and is delivered in accelerated 8-week blocks, with five entry dates throughout the year for maximum flexibility. It also includes various support services, including career development, academic advising, and online orientation.


Whether your HR career goal is to help employees reach their goals or you want to develop leadership skills for your current human resources role, an MBA in human resources can give you the tools you need. In this program, you’ll study management science and economics as foundational courses, then move to theory and practice for managing HR. You’ll also take organizational training and development classes, compensation, and benefits.

Courses are delivered in accelerated 8-week blocks to give you maximum flexibility, and the program offers student portals, tech support, group discussions, and other helpful tools. You can also apply for professional certification through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


The demand for solid human resources leaders will increase as the field grows and evolves. As the economy improves and employers expand their operations, the need for strong HR leadership will grow even further. Whether you’re a career changer or seeking to advance your current position, an MBA in Human Resources can allow you to lead employees and organizations.

An online MBA in Human Resources concentration lets you earn two credentials in demand today – your master’s degree and a graduate certificate in human resource management – with minimal additional courses. You’ll also gain valuable industry-recognized certifications, helping you build a stronger resume and stand out in the HR workforce.

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