raising dog while working full time

Tips for Raising Your Dog While Working Full-time

Caring for your dog friend isn’t an easy task. It is almost the same as raising a kid. You have to do stuff, including making sure your home is dog friendly, feeding, training, and looking after your dog. Having a dog might seem fun and games but remember it is a big commitment, especially for people who work full time, so be sure of it.

Just like your work, a dog is also a full-time responsibility, and you have to ensure it is safe, happy, and healthy. So it would be best if you created a schedule that is both dog and job-friendly. Not going to lie, it won’t be effortless, but we have tricks that will make it easier for you.

Tips to help you raise your dog and balance your full-time job

• Home Alone-

It is a common misconception that pets shouldn’t be left alone at home. You need to include this habit starting with shorter time frames and slowly ascending from there so that the dog doesn’t feel separation anxiety. Now there are things to consider before leaving your dog alone. It is safer if he stays in a crate, but it might lead to behavioural problems because of being stuck in one place for a long time. So here you need to come back home in intervals or hire help.

You also have other options for your pet. You can get Doggy daycare, get another pet so that they both have each other, provide mentally stimulating toys and leave on the TV or radio. Other than this, you can also buy dog toys online so that they don’t get bored.

• Dog Safe Environment-

The most important thing to ensure while leaving your dog at home is safety. You have to make sure your home is dog-friendly. The ideal thing to do would be to create a puppy pen arrangement that provides puppy safety and where the puppy can take potty breaks.

Adding plants to your home is always encouraged. Still, it needs to be kept away from dogs because chewing it might lead to mild irritation and digestive upset to organ failure and even death.

You need to ensure your doghouse does not include any loose wires and choking hazards, or anything chewable. You also need to add barriers to your home boundaries so that dogs don’t run or jump out of them. You need to ensure your trash is unreachable because it leads them at risk of suffocation. Another essential thing is Human medications can lead to poisoning for dogs.

• Happiness and Growth:

Ensuring the safety and food for the dog is not enough. It would be best to make sure the dog has a happy environment. You need to figure out the time to take the dog out for walks, let it roam freely, keep up with its vaccinations, vet appointments, etc.

You need to provide them with sturdy toys in your absence. Hiring a dog nanny will be a great decision. Things apart, a dog always needs family time. So apart from the dog chores, you need to provide him some one-on-one time and maintain a happy family environment.

It would be best to ensure the dog has- achieved healthy growth, optimized immune function, minimized the potential for obesity, and avoided developmental orthopaedic disease. Health is the most critical aspect for any living creature. For that, you need to ensure your dog has a supply of clean and dry bedding, high-quality pet food, clean and fresh water.


Having a full-time job is no excuse to avoid your dog’s needs. You must ensure that dogs still get everything they need to be happy and healthy. You need to ensure they have appropriate activities and sit in the crate waiting for you. It is also imperative to make sure you take care of your well-being. It can be challenging but playing or cuddling with your dog is the best therapy you can get after a long day.

Everybody needs help. You would need all the help you can get to raise your dog friend. But after a while, with the implementation of a proper routine, it gets easier. And technology has provided us with apps that help you monitor your dog while away. So stop worrying. You can do it.

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