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5 Reasons Why React Native Is Good to Use for Mobile App Development

When it comes to building an app, it’s all about providing a solution to a problem. But what about the problems that devs face when creating cross-platform mobile applications?

React Native offers tons of benefits when it comes to app development, and we will go over them in this article.

1. Cost-Effective Development

For companies and startups, funds can be hard to come by. More so, when working on expensive projects, development costs can quickly rack up in thousands of dollars. It is estimated that a simple app can cost anywhere between 40-60 thousand dollars. That can be a lot of money for a small business.

One way to lower development costs is to use React Native development services. Thus, there is no need to hire devs to work on both Android and iOS versions.

With React, developers will need one codebase for both platforms and will be able to reuse the components. That drastically lowers development time, in addition to money.

2. High-Quality App Development

React Native allows for high-quality development. Although different OSs require different codebases, React solves this issue thanks to its cross-platform integration.

It is widely believed that most developers are well versed in React Native as it is based on JavaScript. If we consider coding and codebases, what really makes React Native stand out is the ability to come up with effective solutions much faster.

3. Third-Party Integrations

In addition to being able to write code for several mobile OSs, businesses can also integrate reusable libraries to get the most out of their app. Make no mistake about it, these libraries are many and easily accessible online. What’s more important is that the support for these libraries is growing day by day.

Third-party integration is only going to get bigger as more companies are using React Native. Everyone knows that creating a mobile app takes a lot of time. But businesses can help each other by making third-party integrations available across the board.

Apart from libraries, there are plugins. They are even more convenient when it comes to cutting down development time. As the framework is still evolving, some important components that would suit your purpose might be missing. Devs can integrate JavaScript-based and native plugins to bridge the gaps.

4. Good Community Support

There is no better sign that a framework is successful than having an active and large community. As a matter of fact, React Native emerged in 2013 as Facebook’s hackathon project. The reasons for its inception are largely down to the many obstacles modern app development faced.

In a community-driven environment, React Native devs are willing to share their secrets with each other. If anyone has an issue, then there is a real chance of finding an answer on the dedicated forums. Businesses can also find a React Native agency there and start building apps.

5. Easy to Learn

This is an issue that a lot of developers struggle with whenever learning new languages. Well, what if we tell you that React Native is easy to learn? For developers, of course. The framework is based on JavaScript. And JavaScript is a language that almost everyone goes through on their way to becoming a professional developer.

With YouTube videos, courses, and forum posts explaining the basics of the framework, businesses have yet another reason why they should consider React Native. Even if you don’t hire the best expert in the industry, overcoming obstacles is easy, as there are enough resources online for every problem. Remember the golden rule of coding: you learn from your mistakes.

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