ready for welcoming family this christmas

4 Quick Ways To Get Your Curb Ready For Welcoming Family This Christmas

Christmas is the most magical season of the year. It’s a time when families gather together, share stories, laugh about old memories, and create new ones.

However, for many people, this time of year can also be stressful because of the pressure to make everything look perfect – especially at your home. From decorating tips to handling pest control in Boston, we have got you covered. To alleviate some of that stress and get your curb ready for welcoming family this Christmas, here are 5 ways you can prepare:

Add a Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a good way to show guests that you are ready to receive them. A mat at the front door and one at the back will help keep dirt from coming in and keep your floors clean. When choosing a welcome mat, you want one that will make people feel warm and comfortable when they come inside your home.

An outdoor Christmas mat is a fun option for this season’s holidays! You can find a variety of styles and sizes, including personalized ones. These mats are made from various materials, including rubber, plastic and canvas. If you want something traditional for the holidays, consider choosing a mat with Santa Claus or other Christmas characters.

Decorate Your Door

As you’re getting your home ready for the holiday season, don’t forget about your front door. It’s the first thing people see when they approach your house, setting the mood for their visit. You can use a wreath to decorate your front door or add a bow and some greenery.

Don’t forget to put lights on either side of your door! If you have old enough kids, they might love this idea—add a string of lights on each side of your door, so they can walk through them as they come in. You can also make it more festive by adding a Santa Claus figurine or even just putting out stockings with names on them (Santa doesn’t mind if someone else fills them).

Add New Lights

Your outside lights will be the first thing your guests see, so make sure they’re bright and festive. If you have a porch light, consider adding some new bulbs or making it more noticeable with an extension cord. If you don’t have a light on your front door, consider getting one of those strands attached to the door handle; it’s a great way to make an entryway feel welcoming and warm during the holidays.

If you want to add something extra, consider painting snowflakes on windowsills or over doorways with chalkboard paint—it’s easy enough for kids to do themselves and gives off a charming vibe when paired with lights! You could even go as far as using stencils or cutting shapes out of paper to create silhouettes in front of your windows—that way, once night falls, all the interior lights are off.

Pest Control

To ensure a pest-free holiday season, you’ll want to ensure that your home is free of unwanted pests. Check for spiders and webs, especially in corners and under furniture. Mice are also common around the holidays, so check for droppings or tracks on the floor.

Flies and ants can gather on garbage cans, so keeping them clean is another way to keep your curb looking good! Wasp nests aren’t always easy to spot, but they can be dangerous so if there’s one on your property, call us for Pest Inspection Services immediately!


If you’re looking for a way to make your home more inviting and warm this Christmas, these tips will help. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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