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How to Effectively Reduce Employee Churn

Employee churn refers to the disruption in your workforce numbers as employees leave (due to attrition or turnover) and you hire replacements. If your company’s churn rate is too high it can affect its productivity, increase expenses, affect your company’s reputation, and create a negative workplace culture.

In short, it is important to try to keep your employee churn low. And there are several ways to accomplish that effectively:

Offer development opportunities

Provide learning resources and training to employees – and offer them opportunities to grow within your company. If you do they’ll see that there is a path forward that is open to them, and they’re less likely to feel stuck and leave.

Make sure that your employees realize these options are open to them – and get managers to advise them if necessary.

Allow flexible work

A little bit of flexibility can go a long way towards retaining employees. Allowing flexible working hours or remote work could make employees more likely to stay while at the same time making your company more appealing to new employees.

The best way to maintain productivity while doing this is by using monitoring tools like WE Controlio. It can track all of your employees’ activities including their app usage, web surfing, messages, file transfers and more.

Simply put, WE Controlio will let you check whether or not your employees are working and what they’re working on – at any given time. In that way regardless of whether they’re working flexible hours or from home, you don’t have to worry that they’ll slack off.

Monitor employee engagement

Keep tabs on how engaged your employees are and try to identify signs that they’re disengaged early. If you do, you can take action early and try to figure out why employees are not engaged and what you can do about it.

As you can imagine, WE Controlio will help on this front too. It will aclculate a productivity score that you can use to track employee productivity. On top of that it will also let you easily see if the attendance of any employees has suffered, or if they’re more distracted than usual.

Recognize and reward achievements

Make it a point to recognize employees for their achievements, and maybe offer them some type of reward to incentivize it. It could be something as simple as a shout-out during meetings, or it could even be specific perks or bonuses.

Not only will this boost morale and foster a more positive work environment, but it will also show your employees that you value them and appreciate their contributions.

Although it may take time to implement some of these steps, they can have a huge impact on your company’s employee churn. By ensuring that you retain more employees, you’ll be able to minimize the disruption to your company and improve its overall efficiency.

In the long term this impact will be even larger, especially as your company grows and its number of employees increase.

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