A Guide to Reducing Christmas Hosting Stress

Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year when everyone is able to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Not to forget that delicious food, drink, and way more chocolate than someone would normally consume are also thrown into the mix.

That being said, it is not hard to imagine that it is usually a little less chilled for the person who is putting on the party. Whether it is the stress of the vol au vents not going to plan, that the cat has knocked the newly decorated Christmas tree over, or your guests have turned up before the drinks have been made – it can be a lot.

This article is for the people that keep us together and fed over the festive period, with some tips on reducing the stress that naturally comes with being the hostess with the most.

Delegate Roles to Helpers

It can be easy to believe that you have to take on everything when you are the host, but if you have trustworthy people that want to help at your fingertips, you should definitely take them up on their offer!

It is best that you do the tasks you know need doing to a standard you are comfortable with, but for simple jobs, ask others to step in. This could be anything from washing up to making sure the ice trays are filled. Making sure everyone is on the same page can help the prep and the actual event evening go smoothly.

Hire the Hard Bits

It is hard to enjoy the party if you are responsible for the food and drink. Running around and only getting the chance to ask if someone needs a top-up might not be what you want from your gathering – even if you did choose to host it. Getting some additional help in means you can have much more downtime with your guests!

For example, hire a bar and B.W Cooper’s Iced Tea to give some delicious non-alcoholic options. You can also pre-book a buffet to collect, or put on an alternative such as a hog roast where people can help themselves and you do not have to serve.

Hiring outside can help minimize the stress and the pressure put on you, while you can still provide the essentials for a great party.

Be Prepared

Being prepared in advance can certainly help everything go much more smoothly on the night, so if you are doing a lot of it yourself, work out what can be done ahead of time, so you are not trying to cram everything in during one night. It is also a good means of giving you more time to enjoy the night and spend quality time with your guests, than try and keep on top of everything.

It is also important to remember to rest or grab five minutes to yourself when you need it. Hosting a party can be a lot of work, and having to be “on” for that amount of time can be draining. Don’t feel bad about slinking off for a couple of minutes!

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