How to Choose The Right Food for Your Cat

Cats are amazing creatures that can become great friends and companions for you. These animals are great empaths and will always support you if you are sad. If you love your pet, then you will want to choose the right pet diet. Cats need healthy and balanced food to grow up healthy and active.

If your pet is very passive or has constant discomfort, you should contact your veterinarian and choose the best diet. For many owners, this is not an easy task. Do you want to know what will be the best solution for your pet’s diet? Here are some of the most valuable tips for you.

What’s in the Best Cat Food?

Need to pick something tasty for your cat? Start by familiarizing yourself with the basic ingredients. You should stick to AAFCO standards. If you see that one ingredient is indicated on the package, then its amount should be at least 95% of the product’s total weight. This means that there will be no 50% fat or fiber in a can of chicken pate.

You should also check out the reviews on Taste of The Wild cat food. This manufacturer adheres to the stated standards. Also, look for foods with multiple ingredients. If the manufacturer specifies more than two different types of meat or vegetables, each package must contain at least 25% of the named ingredient. It is important if your pet needs to get a certain amount of animal proteins or vitamins.

Try Canned & Dry Food

Each animal is unique. Your cat may have certain gastronomic preferences. Take into account that your pet may have a predisposition to certain diseases or limitations of the body.

Small kittens under two months do best with wet food. You will need to find special canned chicken or small meat cube sets. These are the easiest foods to chew. Choose meals with gravy for small and old cats. This way, your pet won’t need to drink a lot of water. Besides, gravy has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dry food is preferable for those who want to organize a mono meal for a cat. Pay attention to packaging and labeling. There are dry foods based on animal and plant protein. Plus, manufacturers often offer hypoallergenic options. If your cat has problems with the genitourinary system or gastrointestinal tract malfunctions, then choose the food that allows you to normalize the body’s performance.

The By-products

Every cat owner wants to see his or her pet healthy and active. This is why picking the right food is a priority. Modern society has a negative attitude towards by-products. According to most people, these are useless ingredients that only harm the body. But is it so? If you see the “by-products” words, this does not mean that the package contains shredded skin, bones, hooves, or tails of cows.

Typically, you can count on some of the meat to be liver, kidney, heart, and other internal organs. However, you should still carefully read which by-products are used in making treats. Some of these ingredients have no energy value and only add the weight of the can or container to the required rate. In such a case, you really shouldn’t buy such products.

Lifestyle Matters

Here’s another important aspect. How active is your pet? If your cat is constantly running and playing with toys, you should choose food high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Then your pet will not be lacking in calories. But what if you have an old and passive cat that sleeps all the time? Then it would help if you chose a low-calorie diet, shifting the focus to vitamins and minerals.

Do not forget that pet treats have a clear division into age groups. The food for kittens is different from the option for adults or older animals. Making the wrong choice can lead to food allergies and diarrhea.

Check Nutrients

Pay attention to nutrients. Your job is to choose dishes that are high in protein. That is why fiber and moisture are those ingredients of which should not exceed 65%. But this rule is typical for wet food.

Dry food has a different approach to nutrient quantification. Most of the ingredients are crushed and pressed into separate pieces. That is why even beginners can buy dry food. The main challenge is to ensure that essential nutrients make up half of the total amount.

Final Words

Choosing cat food is not an impossible task. Ask your veterinarian what type is best for your pet and start comparing brands. As a rule, all the basic tips that were described earlier work flawlessly. Pay attention to your cat’s age, lifestyle, and health. Then you can pick the food that will be the basis for a happy life for your pet.

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