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Roll The Dice: Basic Info About Your Favorite Game

The game of craps has been incredibly popular in casinos for many years, along with poker, roulette, and blackjack. Simple rules and a huge number of betting options have made this entertainment a favorite game of gamblers all over the world. But what is the game of craps, and how to play the game? Let’s dive deep into these together.

Game Basics

Craps is a widely-played dice game. The main goal of all game participants, be it a player or a dealer, is to predict the number of points that will be on the dice after the next roll or game sessions. It is one of the easiest casino games, so when you check Zodiac Casino, you know what gaming emulator to lead to.

Quite a lot of participants can play craps at the same time. The basics of the game depend on the type of craps. There are several options with unique characteristics and gameplay:

• Private Craps is the easiest game to play. It only needs cubes and two or more players who take part in hobbyist circles outside of casinos;

• Bank craps require using a specially graded betting table that looks like a billiards table. The croupier participates in the game and accepts players’ bets during the session;

• New York Craps is the most profitable game version for the casino because it brings 5% from each bet to a gambling establishment;

• Open craps is a game where gamblers can argue about the result not only with the casino but also among themselves.

Rules of the Game

The rules for traditional craps are pretty simple. The game is played in two stages – Come Out Roll and Point Roll. First of all, a player (shooter) rolls two dice. What they show determines the following actions.

The best option is when the total number of points is seven or eleven. In this case, it is the shooter who achieves the win and can roll the dice again. If two, three, or twelve points fall out, a player loses, and the next participant gets the right to roll the dice. After all, shooters roll dice in the game, the round ends. The won bets are paid out, and the lost ones are cleared from the table.

Betting – Process, Options

Craps offers many betting options for different rounds. In particular, only two of them are available for the first stage of the Come Out Roll:

1. Pass Line – a bet that a shooter will get seven or eleven and win;
2. Do not Pass Line – a bet that a shooter will get two, three, or twelve, and one will lose.

If a point is revealed in a round and the next one begins, then the bets that players made at the beginning of the game session are saved. But when the dice show seven and the number-point is rolled, then the Pass Line bet loses. Besides that, participants can place bets on the result of each individual throw of this stage – on the exact number or range. Such a multitude of betting options makes craps an extremely interesting and simple game that can bring gamblers a lot of pleasure. The main thing is to remember that gambling must be treated responsibly.

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