5 Best Romantic Shows to Watch on Discovery+ in Australia

Explore the enchanting world of love, passion, and heartfelt connections with Discovery+, where captivating stories of affection unfold and romance takes centre stage.

The romance genre remains highly admired on television channels and streaming platforms, evident through shows like “90 Day Fiancé” and “Sister Wives.” Viewers have an insatiable appetite for stories about being in relationships and finding true love.

Unfortunately, Discovery+ is not officially available in Australia though that is no longer a problem as there are many best VPNs to watch Discovery+ in Australia.

Viewers often struggle to prioritise their watch list, given the abundance of available shows. Thankfully, Discovery+ offers plenty of romantic content to align with viewers’ preferences.

1. The Cabins (2021-2022)

The Cabins is a contemporary dating show that injects a special dose of nostalgia by asking a group of individuals to create a brief but intense romance within a 24-hour timeframe. They are provided with cabins equipped with luxurious amenities required for a romantic and memorable date night after being forced to give up all contemporary dating apps.

They’ve 24 hours to determine if they want to pursue a future together or move on.

“The Cabins” offers a refreshing take on the dating genre, combining the elements of romance, personal growth, and self-discovery. This show will win viewers over with its captivating blend of romance and adventure.

Audiences are keen to learn whether couples can overcome this unique challenge and make their relationships flourish after seeing them give up their dependency on contemporary technologies in their search for love.

Fans are deeply invested to see whether romance progresses or whether drama develops and drives them away. This show is adored for the challenge of having just a brief window of opportunity to make a romance work.

2. Love off the Grid (2022)

Four individuals, who are accustomed to the luxuries and amenities of modern life, make a daring decision of giving up their material goods to pursue love. They decide to live alone, disconnected from society, in the wild forest.

The couples set out on a journey to test the strength of their bonds and see if they can live in harmony in this unusual environment.

This compelling show not only examines matters of the heart but also includes exhilarating survival and adventure components. Devoted viewers eagerly tune in to see the resilience of their favourite couples as they overcome difficult challenges, as well as the joys and triumphs they experience along the way, rooting for their love to triumph over all odds.

Couples find themselves caught up in a gripping drama as they balance the nuances of their relationships with the never-ending struggle for survival. Due to its captivating blend of compelling challenges and sincere connections, this creative romance show has quickly amassed a devoted fan following.

The show resonates with viewers who are intrigued by the idea of testing the strength of love in unconventional circumstances and who appreciate the raw and authentic portrayal of human connection in a rugged and untamed setting.

3. Sister Wives (2010)

Kody Brown and his four wives live a polygamist way of life while juggling the challenges of co-parenting their 18 children. The dynamics of four different houses are more complex than just love as Kody splits his time among them.

The tranquillity they seek to create, is frequently overshadowed by disputes brought on by jealousy and angry tensions.

Devoted Sister Wives fans are drawn to the program’s original depiction of relationships. Viewers who are interested in polygamy are enthralled by the complex dynamics of co-parenting and the peaceful interdependence of the family.

The gripping drama that develops between the couples, however, is what keeps viewers fully engaged and entertained with each episode and leaves them craving more. You can watch it on Discovery Plus via TLC Channel, which is owned by Discovery+.

4. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (2019)

Intending to find their ideal mate, couples who connect online or in different countries start relationships. They spend 90 days living together while visiting each other’s countries to determine their compatibility and whether marriage is on the horizon.

It examines the complexity and difficulties of love across borders as couples work to close the gaps in their worlds. It explores the interactions between the couples and their families, illuminating the challenges, concessions, and sacrifices they must make as they pursue their love and work to build a prosperous future together.

The show has a devoted audience because viewers excitedly tune in to see couples leave their life in America to find love abroad. Viewers are captivated by the intriguing blending of cultures and the difficulties that result from this mixing and are left wondering whether these couples can overcome the hardships they encounter.

The unforeseen outcomes that determine each couple’s future provide a sense of surprise and keep viewers hooked until the very end. Fans anticipate every minute with bated breath, praying for a happily ever after for their cherished couple.

5. Married at First Sight (2014)

The show pre-selects individuals who are regarded to be extremely compatible as potential couples using scientific matchmaking procedures with the help of a spiritualist, a relationship coach, and a Sociologist.

The series follows these participants as they voluntarily enter into a legally binding marriage with a stranger for many weeks. The couple must decide whether to continue their voyage together or part ways as the allotted period comes to an end.

This one-of-a-kind show has captured the hearts of fans with its distinctiveness. Each episode captivates viewers as they see the couples bravely face and overcome a variety of obstacles as they navigate the uncharted waters of their brand-new relationships. The series keeps viewers enthralled and engaged with its compelling narrative.

The audience’s interest in each couple’s trip is unshakable, and they are eagerly anticipating the results to find out which relationships will succeed and which ones will abruptly end. It creates a captivating mix of drama, vulnerability, and genuine moments of love and connection.


Discovery Plus may be more known for its food and home decor content, but it also has a great collection of romance-centered shows that are definitely worth watching.

Head over to the website now and have fun streaming! If you like to watch romantic shows, you may also find it interesting in anime.

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