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Why Runners Should Use Polar Care Kodiak Post-run

If you’re a runner and you put in a lot of miles throughout the week, you need to recover. If you constantly run at fast tempos, do interval workouts, fartlek workouts, long runs, and track workouts, you need to recover so you can make your next training sessions positive and worthwhile. If you do not take the time to recover in-between training sessions, you will find that your running is slower, your form is poor, and you are not getting any faster or increasing your endurance.

Without proper recovery, you’ll slowly wear down your body, your mind, and your joints. Taking care of your joints and muscles is one of the most important aspects for runners, as this is a high-impact sport. Since you are putting in extreme mileage every day on your ankles, knees, and hips, you need to use recovery methods so you can prevent overuse injuries from creeping up over time. But what therapy methods should you use post-run to help facilitate recovery? Click here to find out.

Use polar care Kodiak post-run to help your recovery!

If you find that you are going through an intense training cycle with your running career – or you simply enjoy running a few nights a week to help lose weight and get healthy – your knees, ankles, and hips may not be thanking you!

Although your cardiovascular health and endurance may have increased, sometimes your joints will not be used to the extreme wear and tear of constantly pounding on pavement, trails, or the treadmill. But how can you recover to make sure your joints do not break down throughout your running career?

You should use polar care Kodiak post-run to help facilitate recovery, restore damaged muscles, and prevent joint pain. The polar care Kodiak system helps runners by providing a portable, convenient, and versatile option that you can bring anywhere with you. If you are traveling and you need to recover after a run, bring the polar care Kodiak system with you to immediately use the post-run.

All you need to do is to add a little bit of ice and water to the system and then enjoy the battery-powered mechanism that provides you with up to 8 hours of cold therapy! If you find that you are always on the go but you need to put your recovery first, use the Kodiak polar care on the affected areas.

You may find your ankles are very sore after running or you sprained an ankle during trail running – in this case, using the cold therapy method will help prevent damage, reduce inflammation, and numb any joint or nerve pain that you have.

Furthermore, you can use the polar care Kodiak on the affected muscles to help provide up to 14 hours of cold therapy to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and long-term difficulties with your range of motion.


As you can see, using the polar care Kodiak post-run is especially beneficial for runners who frequently put in a lot of heavy mileage during the week. By using the cold therapy and compression method on the affected joints and muscles, you can reduce inflammation, promote recovery, and get back out there sooner than you would with no recovery methods!

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