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Things to Consider When Searching for Meeting Rooms 

Malaysia is one of the global hubs for transit and trade. With the recent growth of tech startups, Malaysia has become an important place to establish oneself as a businessperson. But what does it take to make such an endeavor successful? One key aspect is having access to all the services needed to stay productive. This includes meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers other amenities like catering and Wi-Fi.

Here are some things to consider when looking for meeting rooms:

1) What kind of meeting room do I need?

So what kind of meeting space are you looking for? You might need a meeting room for small meetings or if you want to make presentations. You can find meeting rooms designed specifically for corporate events and parties. Some meeting spaces also have recreation areas where you can unwind over refreshments after the meeting.

2) How much time will the meeting take place?

How long will your upcoming meeting last? If you need meeting rooms for more than 24 hours, organizing the meeting hotels might be more convenient.

3) How many people will take part?

If you’re meeting with clients or planning a party, note the maximum number of people who can attend your meeting or event. You should consider a meeting space that suits your party size. Meeting spaces come in various sizes suitable for small informal meetings up to big events with hundreds of guests.

4) What are my budget limits?

You have to decide how much money you are willing to spend on hiring meeting rooms and any additional fees such as food and beverage costs and other services provided by the venue. Check whether there is any charge for the use of meeting rooms and meeting facilities.

5) What is the meeting agenda?

Is this meeting a short informal meeting or a long conference? Will there be a lunch break during your meeting? Do you have to provide refreshments for your meeting participants? It’s important to know what type of meeting you are planning to find meeting spaces with all the amenities and catering required for successful meetings.

6) Is it an internal meeting or open to external guests?

Some venues offer exclusive hire, while others allow public access, depending on available space and venue capacity. You should check whether invitations can be extended to external guests and how many people will attend. Find out if any fees apply for inviting guests, and note that all delegates must register before entering meeting facilities.

7) What meeting equipment will I need?

Does your meeting require audiovisual equipment such as projectors, whiteboards, and microphones? Will you be taking virtual meeting room bookings or remote meeting services? Meeting rooms provide all necessary equipment to successfully host your meeting. Make sure meeting rooms have the equipment you require.

8) What internal support does the venue provide?

Meeting rooms come with different service levels depending on the type of venue and services offered. Check whether any additional charges apply, such as catering fees during meeting room bookings. Find out if the meeting space offers an events team and how many meeting planners you can contact for your meeting.


There are many ways to make your meeting room more successful, but it all starts with understanding what people want. People love to be entertained and feel like they’re at the movies or theater.

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