Feed Your Good Bacteria: Unveiling the Secrets of Prebiotic Powder

Health is not wealth; it’s more. It’s mother nature herself talking to you, quite literally. And anything precious must be taken good care of. Unfortunately, with modernization, we’re losing touch with the soil day by day and, in this due process, going more and more away from the bliss of natural life. Morbidity and mortality might have decreased today, but don’t you think there’s almost one sick person in every home nowadays? Why?

The general perception of health will take time to change. But what you can change is your own life. Now, modern medicine has been using bacteria for the betterment of our life, which were once known to be deadly. But we’ve found friends among foes.

Keep reading till the end to know how to stay fit and healthy with this new solution.

Immunity and why you need it

Immunity can be defined as an intrinsic shield your body raises against all bad things trying to harm your body.

The age-old saying that pretty much sums up our entire healthcare system is ‘prevention is better than cure,’ and that’s why this immunity is more vital than any fancy drug you might know. It makes perfect sense to nip a disease in its bud rather than fight off a hell of symptoms. You’d then need crazy drugs and later pay the price with some side effects you don’t even want to know about.

In modern healthcare, we emphasize the patients rather than the underlying disease. And for your well-being- building good immunity, especially after this pandemic, is a must.

Oh wait, don’t get scared. This is not another push-sell post. We won’t convince you to take up some obscure, expensive product. The way to a better life is often simple.

But what is it exactly? Curious, eh? Keep Reading till the end.

Prebiotics: what is this magic potion

Prebiotics are a hot new sensation in the market. Every health influencer and fitness guru out there has been talking about this. Even your dietician and doctors are giving the same nod.

According to research conducted by a global business network, the prebiotic ingredients market worldwide is projected to reach an approx. US$6.91 billion by 2022, at a growth rate of 11.6 percent from 2017 to 2022. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to be the fastest-growing market during this period.

Whoa! What is this anyway? Why is it so versatile and acceptable?

To put it simply, prebiotics are a group of specially fortified foods for enhancing the growth of Probiotics, aka beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. Unlike the ones that give you diarrhea or pneumonia, these bacteria provide much-needed internal biochemical protection from other such disease-causing organisms. And they do their work well.

Why and how do probiotics do us good?

Just think about it. You’re marooned in some remote area where the only food supply is a ration that comes occasionally. And you, with many others, are living solely on it. Now some more people are coming and trying to camp here as they want to share your food too! Would you or anyone, in fact, allow this in a happy mind? You’ll fight and most likely drive them off, right? The whole history is kind of full of similar stories.

That very same thing happens inside your body. The good bacteria do not harm; they’re in a win-win relationship for both. They live off the food particles you consume and help your digest better by providing necessary enzymes or activation factors.

Now, if you feed them well, their number goes substantially higher. If that’s the case, no new invading microbes can’t start colonizing your body as there are already colonies present inside that fight off the stranger colony and don’t let them have any share of food. So what next! The outsiders starve and die. Boom!

Such a simple but beautifully efficient protective mechanism from pathogens.

Prebiotics also have many other health benefits. For example, they help prevent –

• inflammatory bowel disease
• diarrhea
• colon cancer
• Obesity

They also promote :

• calcium absorption and bone health
• skin health

Prebiotics: is it safe to feed bacteria? Can I get infected, by any chance?

Absolutely no. After millions of years of evolution, these bacteria adapted themselves to live inside other organisms in a mutually beneficial way and are only capable of that. Nothing much.

So you can’t by any means overfeed these bacteria and get yourself infected. That’s just fiction.

Prebiotics: what’s inside?

Various compounds have been tested to determine their function as prebiotics. The main criteria are not being digestible by the human gut and not being absorbed.

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), galactooligosaccharides (GOS), and trans-galactic-oligosaccharides (TOS) are the most common prebiotics. Fermentation of prebiotics by gut microbiota produces short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), including lactic acid, butyric acid, and propionic acid, with multiple beneficiary roles in the human body.

How to get prebiotics?

The best prebiotic powder is often available in powder or liquid form. Like any food supplement, you can buy it from the local supermarket, drug stores, or the internet. Many certified and renowned online sellers nowadays flex stellar reviews and the fastest hassle-free delivery options. Buying online is often better as you can choose from a wide range of items from the showcase, mostly unavailable in your local shop.

So it’s needless to say that prebiotics are a must nowadays to maintain a healthy gut and fit body. Only going back to nature can help us in this hectic lifestyle and impurities.

Embrace life with a healthy dose of your favorite best prebiotic powder.

That’s all. Hope you’ve got it all clear. Take care and stay safe.

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