secrets vin can reveal

Secrets That The VIN Can Reveal

Despite the vast number of cars in the world, each of them has a unique designation – the VIN code. Understanding it will help not only to learn about the history of the used car you are buying but will also greatly facilitate the search for the necessary spare parts since the code has all the data on the model and types of principal components.

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number of any car. Using a unique VIN code is an international norm: without it, the manufacturer cannot sell cars. With the help of services like FaxVIN, you can view the vehicle’s history from the moment of its creation.

According to international rules, the alphanumeric designation is applied to non-removable parts of the body that are least susceptible to corrosion. In most modern vehicles, the marking is placed on the front left pillar and the upper left side of the dashboard. The VIN code can also be found in the registration certificate for the car.

Why Do You Need a VIN?

Every car owner should realize the importance of the VIN code. In the past, only specialists could decipher this number combination but with the computerization of society, such valuable information became in demand everywhere. Most often, the VIN is used for:

• obtaining information when buying a used car: by entering the number on special (free or paid) resources, you can get a report on its entire history: owners, places of registration, car legality, etc.;

• gathering data about possible restrictions: fines, bail, or arrest.

• picking up spare parts for the vehicle, because the code has all the technical info a car enthusiast may need.

Over time the number of services and information received by VIN code will only increase so don’t underestimate this 17 digits combination.

How to Find Spare Parts by VIN Code?

Usually knowing only the car brand and model is not enough to choose spare parts that suit all parameters of the vehicle. Even in the original catalogs, selecting the correct spare part is not always possible. With the help of the VIN number, you can most accurately determine the number of components installed by the manufacturer during assembly on the conveyor.

Using the VIN facilitates the process of picking particular parts. The main characteristics set in the code are the model, year of manufacture, and parameters of parts and assemblies. Each manufacturer has its own standards, so it is important to use original software for searching. You can also find spare parts using this simple process:

• Deciphering the number in the catalog.
• Find the model and year of manufacture.
• Next, you must define a group and a subgroup of spare parts for the machine assembly.
• In conclusion, a list of features is offered, from which you need to choose the right one.

Of course, the quality of the parts depends on the material. All original spare parts, components, and mechanisms comply with norms and standards, and are considered to be more reliable and have a longer service life. Each manufacturer enters vehicle data that is reflected in the VIN code, so if anything breaks, it will help you to find the proper components.

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