Where Can I Sell My X-Rated Content?

If you want to make money by selling X-rated content, you may think you have a limited choice of sites, as many websites ban X-rated content. So what are some of the best options for selling X-rated content if you’re an adult content creator?

In this guide, we have given details of some of the best sites for selling adult content. You can earn decent money through these platforms. They also let you make custom content on requests, allowing you to earn more profit.

What Is X-Rated Content?

Before we learn about the best platforms for selling adult content, let us look into the X-rated content and why social media labels it as such.

An X rating categorizes specific content exclusively for the adult audience. It has obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic content. Extremely violent content is also X rated on various sites. 

Where Can You Sell X-Rated Content?

Suppose you want to make money from NSFW and X-rated content. In that case, you can join numerous platforms such as Onlyfans, Loyalfans, Sofia Gray, ManyVids, etc. Here is a detailed guide about the best platforms for selling X-rated content. 


Onlyfans is a prominent platform known for its adult-friendly content. This site lets adult content creators advertise and sell their X-rated content.

The content is locked. When a buyer wants to request a purchase, they make a transaction. Once they have paid the content creator, they have access to the paid content. 

You can post nudes, explicit video clips, audio clips, and more. Only your subscribers have access to your content. Onlyfans also hosts many famous influencers and celebrities who sell their X-rated content.

With over 39 million monthly visits, Onlyfans is an excellent platform for your X-rated content. Moreover, anyone aged 18 and above can join this site to earn money from their explicit content.

The content creators can keep 80% of their income. Onlyfans take 20% of income as a commission fee. Thus, it is a reliable and safe platform for making money. 

Sofia Gray 

Sofia Gray is another excellent platform for selling X-rated content. This platform has an extensive customer base, allowing you to advertise to numerous people. In addition, the website has good functionality and a user-friendly interface.

You can visit the website to make an account. Click on Sell Now to start an online shop. You must select a membership package and choose the products you want to sell. This site lets you sell various used items, explicit video clips, nudes, etc.

Once your subscribers start placing orders, you can withdraw the funds through a payout option. Moreover, Sofia Gray does not charge a commission on the sales. Consequently, you receive 100% of the profit.

My Club

My Club and Onlyfans have similar features. But My Club offers a range of additional features to let you monetize the content. It also lets the content creators keep 80% of their earnings. Content creators must create a club and set the price for their X-rated content. 

You can also set a price for subscribers to join your club. Once a subscriber joins the club, they can access your content. This saves the time of uploading content regularly.

My Club also lets you export your content to other sites. You can also team up with other adult content creators to feature each other’s content to drive more traffic.

This teamwork makes My Club an excellent platform for beginners, as it lets you drive more traffic. This platform also features a messaging system that allows creators to send private texts to their fans. This way, you can directly sell your X-rated content. 

Admire Me 

Admire Me is a one-stop shop for all your sexual desires. This site lets content creators post their explicit videos, pictures, and audio. In addition, this fan-subscription website gives adult performers and influencers a safe space to upload their X-rated content.

Eager subscribers can make a buying request. Moreover, the site is user-friendly and has a simple interface. You can go to its creator page to form an account and jumpstart your adult content creator career!

Feet Finder

Do you want to sell explicit foot content? FeetFinder is an excellent platform for selling foot pics, videos, and accessories. In addition, this website lets you create adult content.

You can make a profile and start adding your content. Then, the followers subscribe to your content and make online transactions to receive water-mark free content.

Many adult content creators record explicit videos and sell them on FeetFinder. This platform also lets the fans tip the creators. This way, you can generate extra money by accepting custom requests.


ManyVids lets you publish your X-rated content. Creators can also sell videos, physical items, subscriptions, and cam sessions.

ManyVids has a fetish category that enables the users to tip the creators. Its pseudo-networking system also lets users interact with each other more effectively. 

ManyVids has bi-monthly payments if you meet the minimum cash withdrawal amount. Your payment percentage depends on tips, custom requests, and content. ManyVids has received multiple awards for being the most dynamic platform where you can sell X-rated content. 


Loyalfans has become a popular alternative to Onlyfans. This platform enables users to sell their X-rated content for a set price.

Adult workers can sell fan club memberships and keep 80% of their income. However, Loyalfans has fewer visitors as this site was launched in 2020.

But it has a vast potential of becoming the top-rated site for selling X-rated content due to its excellent features. For example, Loyalfans offers some of the best premium memberships, referral programs, and payment options.

It has social media features, tipping options, live streams, live phone calls, and video stories. If you’re a beginner, Loyalfans is an appropriate platform that will enable you to sell your X-rated content. 

Final Words

You haven’t explored the best platforms if you think it’s challenging to sell your X-rated content. The key to selling X-rated content is consistency and professionalism.

With these seven platforms, you can quickly form an extensive customer base by successfully advertising your X-rated content. In addition, their interactive features will help you effectively communicate with the subscribers to form a fan following.

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