Tips to get the best deal when selling your phone online

If you’re thinking about upgrading your phone, you don’t have to forget about your old phone. Indeed, by selling your old device online, you can earn money towards your upgrade while also helping the environment.

But how can you get the best deal? Read on for tips on getting the best price when you sell your phone online.

Time your sale

Timing is crucial when you’re selling your phone. If you try and sell your device when big announcements come from smartphone companies, there might be less interest – potential customers will instead focus on something new. However, if you list your phone when there’s a lull in the news, you should find that you get more interest.

List your phone on multiple platforms

If you’ve reached that time where you’re thinking I want to sell my iPhone 7, then it’s best to list it on multiple platforms. This way you can maximise the number of people who see your device. Just look around for local and online selling platforms and list it on as many places as possible.

Be honest with your description and use quality pictures

Producing an honest description with quality pictures can help you get the best deal. Buyers are looking to purchase a phone that they can trust to work optimally. If they see a deal that looks too good to be true, then it can seem suspicious.

But by accurately listing your product, your authenticity should encourage buyers to make an offer or meet your purchasing price.

Negotiate well and bundle accessories

If you find yourself with interested parties, then it’s time to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to haggle a little over the price: if you want to make your phone particularly enticing, then you could offer accessories such as a charger and headphones to go with the phone. This can sweeten the deal and persuade a buyer to go on and part with their cash for your old phone.

If you’ve worked out the new phone you want to buy, then you can help fund it by selling your old mobile. This can be a tricky process, but by following the advice above through timing your sale, listing the phone on multiple plans, being honest and negotiating well, you should achieve the best deal you can get.

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