5 Services for Developers Available With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is by far the most dominant cloud computing platform at the moment. One of the most compelling reasons for this dominance is the sheer variety of functions that can be performed using AWS. Developers have found AWS to be especially suited to their needs. Here are five services offered by AWS that are perfectly suited to the needs of modern developers.

1. Serverless Computing

Servers are one of the biggest headaches for developers that need lots of storage and computing power. Cloud computing does away with local servers. This means that developers no longer have to fork out tons of cash and spend their precious time administering servers. It also means that the computing power available to a developer is no longer limited to their budget.

Amazon Web Services’ network of servers allows users to access huge quantities of computing power no matter what their budget is.

2. Machine Learning Environments

Machine learning is one of the frontiers of development. Every computing field from gaming to data analysis is being influenced deeply by the rise of machine learning. Amazon Web Services is well suited to developers wanting to get into this field.

The sheer variety of applications, size of storage space, and remote computing power can help developers working on complex machine learning problems. Students looking to go down an AWS machine learning certification path will be pleasantly surprised by just how powerful the tools at their fingertips actually are.

3. Swift Storage

Application and game development involves the storage and use of lots of different assets. Any delay in recalling these assets for use can be remarkably frustrating and seriously slow down development times. Luckily, AWS servers respond incredibly quickly, allowing developers to make use of huge asset banks with almost no delay.

4. Remote App Testing

Developers need to be able to check that their creations will actually work when hosted by client computers. No matter how wonderful a game is when played on a powerful system, it will fall flat if end users’ systems cannot run it at a decent frame rate.

Likewise, application developers need to make sure that their product works well when scaled down to mobile size. AWS Device Farm allows developers to test their work remotely on real devices hosted by Amazon. It is an incredibly powerful tool that can save a huge amount of money for developers unable to source multiple test devices.

5. Secure Identity Creation

Security is a huge issue for all developers looking to make market-ready applications and tools. An application released into the wild that can be compromised by hackers and snoopers is doomed to fail eventually.

Luckily, developers have plenty of options for securing their creations using Amazon Web Services. Amazon Cognito, for instance, lets developers create very secure user authentication processes that they can add to their work.

Keeping your development safe is easier than ever using applications hosted on the cloud. AWS is also secure during the development stage: the risk of somebody stealing your ideas is extremely slim.

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