set your mind at ease when travel

5 Ways to Set Your Mind at Ease When You Travel

Even when you have your affairs taken care of while you travel, do you worry about things like your house, your family, or your business?

Traveling anywhere is usually a stressful experience, at least until you get to your destination. You have to deal with things like transportation, airport security, and traffic, among other things. This stress is often compounded by concerns about how your spouse will handle the household and how your employees will run your business when you’re gone.

Although you can’t escape all sources of stress, there are ways to set your mind at ease when traveling long distances or for long periods of time.

1. Secure expensive property at your residence

Do you have a boat or RV that you store offsite somewhere? Maybe you use a storage company or you dock your boat in a public marina. Sometimes offsite storage makes sense, but it can be risky. For instance, vandalism is a common problem people experience when storing their large assets away from their homes.

If you don’t want to worry about your property, consider bringing it home while you travel. You might be able to legally park your RV in your driveway as long as nobody lives inside. Private boat docks are also a great option when you live by the water.

With your most valuable property secured at home, you don’t have to worry as much about vandalism or theft, especially if someone is staying in your home while you’re away.

2. Set up a smart home security system

Having a home security system is crucial when you travel, but a smart home security system will take things a step further to set your mind at ease in real time. For example, with a smart system, you can receive alerts on your phone each time the alarm is triggered and you can see what the cameras see right on your phone.

Some smart security systems have a two-way speaker that allows you to hear what the microphone picks up from your camera, and you can speak to people through the same microphone. This type of two-way microphone is useful for scaring people away when they step onto your porch without permission.

When you travel, don’t leave home without a smart security camera system. They’ve become popular enough that they are affordable on just about any budget.

3. Hire a friend to house sit for you

If traveling makes you nervous because your home is empty, ask around in your circle of friends to see if anyone wants to house sit for you. You probably have at least one friend who can live in your house while you’re away, at least part of the time.

Having someone live in your house while you’re away is a great way to make it known that your home isn’t vacant. It’s also a great way to make sure any unexpected problems get handled. For instance, if a pipe breaks or your sewer backs up, at least there will be someone to handle the situation for you.

4. Let go of your expectations

Do you leave your business in someone else’s hands when you travel? If so, you probably worry about how they’ll handle emergencies and other important situations. As a business owner, you know how to run your business best, but that doesn’t mean other people will make the same decisions.

Worrying about how your employees and managers will handle your business while you’re gone is a huge source of stress. It’s a given that nobody will be as thorough as you, and no matter how much you explain things to people, they may never have your eye for detail.

Let go of your expectations of perfection and accept that your business will be fine, even if people make decisions you wouldn’t necessarily make. Give them the benefit of the doubt that things will turn out okay. If you leave the right people in charge, they will support you to the best of their ability.

It may not be perfect, but good enough is good enough.

5. Take each day moment by moment

Do you get stressed out or overwhelmed when you start thinking about your next move? For instance, moving through airport security, finding a shuttle, renting a car, navigating a new town, etc.?

Eliminating stress is easy when you take each day as it comes. Be present in each moment and don’t think too far ahead. If you’re used to worrying, you’ll find this approach will help you relieve stress and enjoy your travels.

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