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5 Common Warning Signs That Your Home AC Filters Need a Replacement

Air conditioners and air filters can be allegorized with the heart and lungs of your home. An air filter is an essential part of your house that protects the indoor air from dust, pollen, mold, and other air irritants. You shouldn’t wait even a day once you notice the air filter is clogged and dirty for trapping too many contaminants. Without knowing the signs when it’s time to replace the AC filters, you can’t fix the problems. This article will teach you the five common warning signs that show your home AC filters need a replacement.

5 Common Signs to Know It’s Time to Replace an AC Filter

AC filters sometimes get clogged and dirty over time due to the extreme recirculation of indoor air pollutants. It is essential to change them before they cause severe issues to your system’s unit and your health. Many individuals must be constantly reminded that air conditioning filters must be changed at the appropriate period according to the kind of filter.

Their awareness that they should replace their air conditioning filters on time will allow them to save money on repairing the broken equipment. Here are five common warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace the AC filter of your house immediately.

1. Malfunction of the AC System: One of the most essential and obvious indications that an air conditioner filter needs to be changed is when the equipment begins to malfunction, such as overheating or an imbalance in the cooling system. If you don’t take care of these relatively minor problems immediately, it will eventually result in more costly repairs and the system unusable.

2. Dirt Accumulation Near the Vents: Another way to determine whether the AC filter needs replacing is the build-up of dirt near the air vents. A dirty AC disperses dust into the HVAC unit and causes the build-up of dirt around the vents.

3. Bad Odor throughout the House: A clogged air conditioner blows terrible odor throughout the house as it traps the air particles gathered inside the AC for a long time and helps the mold grow. The musty smell is another sign that it’s time to change the clogged AC filter.

4. Higher Energy Bills: The air conditioner gets clogged over time, and then it has to work harder to operate how it is supposed to. When the air conditioner takes more pressure than usual, you will see your energy bills spiking. You can talk to an expert to fix issues and install a new Merv filter in the system.

5. Increased Health Issues for People with Allergy and Respiratory Symptoms: You may not believe that a small part of your house, like an air conditioner, could make a significant difference in the air quality of your home. The negligence towards replacing an air conditioner filter leads to serious health issues for people with breathing difficulties, asthma, allergies, etc.

When the peak pollen season is over, but you still can’t overcome allergy problems, be sure that it is due to the dirty air conditioner of your house. The air conditioners become saturated with airborne particles and recirculate them throughout the house, which affects our health.


Air contaminants are the worst enemies inside our house as they damage the HVAC unit, restrict airflow, and make the unit work harder to maintain a balanced airflow, eventually leading to expensive repairs and higher energy bills. Therefore, you must ensure you breathe clean air and enjoy the most comfortable living inside your house.

Before letting those contaminants affect your health severely, you must know how to figure out the solutions. To buy quality MERV air filters online, we recommend using Custom Filters Direct for superior air filters. Hopefully, this article has guided you successfully about the signs of problematic AC filters that will help you to take steps to fix the issues immediately.

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