sites help destiny 2 players

Sites That Can Help Destiny 2 Players

Explore the wonders of the planetary system and engage in dynamic 1st person action in Destiny 2’s environment. An unrestricted looter shooter incorporates aspects from MMOs and RPGs into the typical shooting experience. Destiny 2 is a massive game that requires a lot of practice to conquer. The sport will step in the direction and help things much more difficult in certain circumstances.

Moreover, over the 3+ years that perhaps the original game remained available on the platform, a sizable network of accompanying applications, sites, and content streams came up. Most of them will become valuable as players start to investigate the follow-up. At the very least, the Gear and LFG management features will render you run much simpler. Let’s begin using the most vital information in this list of the top Destiny 2 sites presently accessible.

Destiny 2’s most comprehensive statistics resource! You can examine your Destiny 2 Grades, accomplishments, game statistics, and more right here! Most of the guardians and the items you’ve purchased are included in your Destiny 2 portfolio!

Get into all the most essential things in Destiny 2 inside this library, which users have evaluated just like you. Inspect the Destiny 2 Standings to discover which the top in the world is, and then attempt to steal their place!

Destiny Item Manager

Switching armor and weapons among players and the storage was a massive pain in the main game that required a journey towards the Tower social space each time you intended to swap something. The excellent Destiny Item Manager (DIM) was designed to solve that issue. Authenticate the DIM website using Bungie and employ your cursor to drag & drop anything suitable gear.

Modifications are immediately updated in-game, and elaborate loadouts may be created and stored. It’s essential for gamers who have many toons and require a specific exotic firearm in a crisis. Bungie offers its official Destiny App, although it’s a little more cumbersome to manage your items.


Since users are jerks, Destiny 2 does not provide any matching for its most difficult actions as standard, and getting paired up with xXBlazinAllDay69Xx at odd isn’t always a good thing. Gamers who wish to participate in events such as the weekly Leviathan raid or Nightfall Strike must trust their current buddy circle or use a 3rd party LFG (Looking For Group) website.

Among them, I highly suggest The site is free, and it will place you in a current 100-person community depending on the region, age, & profanity tolerance. I met my entire Destiny 1 friends practically through the100 platform, resulting in my joining a large clan.


SkyCoach becomes a different portal with a single goal: to assist any WoW gamer in favor of booster plus coaching solutions. Users may use the platform’s booster solutions when having trouble generating games. SkyCoach also provides coaching programs for those who seek to gain from the most refined gamers on the planet. It will allow you to better your gaming by studying from a few of the finest WoW gamers.

SkyCoach’s most attractive feature is that website provides 24*7 assistance, which means you may reach them at any moment if you have a problem while utilizing their products. Moreover, if anything terrible happens with development, the site will immediately reimburse your money.

Planet Destiny

I heartily suggest the Destiny Community Podcast since you like to move on your Destiny medication aurally, but not since they are also willing to greet me. The DCP is a regular two-hour dive over the newest Destiny 2 data, including lots of uncensored input about which Bungie should be performing more, presented by four high content makers and one enthusiastic informal with solid contacts at Bungie. The podcast succeeds since the broadcasters often have excellent interaction, so begin here if you’re paying any attention to stuff Destiny-related. 

Though if you’re looking for some more, the Planet Destiny podcast and the Guardian Radio program both are excellent, although they pick up a lot of the similar territory. The Battleground Radio webcast should be your option to watch if you’re primarily keen on the PvP end of the view. The broadcasters encourage a cheerful, seasoning attitude to become more significant competitive gamers, and also, the concentration on consciousness allows for an entertaining session.

Destiny Status

Considering Bungie’s Interface is fair; however, the game isn’t doing an excellent job of retaining records; many websites can be employed to view data on your avatar or even anybody else who logs in you possess. Destiny Status seems to be a beautiful website that shows users a glimpse of what those creatures on a specific profile have loaded.

Lastly, the actual Destiny subreddit, r/DestinyTheGame, is unrivaled in terms of leaks, breaking news, Shaxx memes, plus piles of salt from gamers dissatisfied with the condition of the gameplay. If certain items seem like your cup of tea, I suggest stopping over frequently to see what’s new.

Hence, these are some of the top sites that can help you to explore the game with better experience.  

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