skincare trends to steer clear of

Skincare Trends to Steer Clear of in 2023

Social media has brought many great ideas to people, from tips and tricks to guides, recipes, funny videos, and more. However, not everything you see on social media or the internet can be trusted to be safe or effective.

From overcomplicated routines to DIY skincare without doing research, this article will cover a few skincare trends to steer clear of. If you are interested in looking after your skin and want to learn more about skincare trends that should be avoided in 2023, continue reading.

DIY Skincare Without Research

For many people, the process of creating their own skincare products can be cost-effective and fun, but unfortunately it can also lead to many detrimental effects. Before delving into the world of DIY skincare, you need to do your research.

  • What do the ingredients do?
  • Which ingredients can be safely used together?
  • What side effects do each ingredient pose?
  • How much or little should be used?

There are many resources to take advantage of if you intend on creating your own skincare products. For example, Misumi Skincare has a DIY natural moisturizer guide you should check out. Never just jump into creating your own skincare products without research or experience.

Overcomplicated Routines

There seems to be this trend in 2023 that suggests that the more products you use for your skin, and the more complicated your routine is, the better it will be. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, and overcomplicated routines can do more harm than good.

If you are looking for the best results without spending too much money, avoid overcomplicated routines that could lead to sensitization or irritation. Instead, you should focus on routines that use a few products designed for your skin type you can stick to every day.

Not Questioning Social Media Influencers

It goes without saying that social media can be a great resource when used correctly. However, the biggest problem with social media is that you can never be sure if the person giving advice actually knows what they are talking about.

Instead of just blindly following the advice of a social media skincare influencer, question what they are suggesting and do your own research. At the end of the day, skincare is a personal thing; what works for their skin type might not work for yours, it might make things worse.

Permanent Makeup

Speaking of social media, if you are an avid user of any platform you have probably seen the trend of permanent makeup. According to people who have received permanent makeup, the benefits include saving time, saving money, and not having to worry about applying makeup again.

While this might seem like a convenient idea, there are also some negatives.

• Permanent makeup, much like tattoos, will fade over time. If you don’t get it touched up, it doesn’t look so glamorous.

• Tattoos are expensive, especially if they are very detailed, which permanent makeup is. If you don’t spend thousands on makeup every month, it’s not worth the cost.

• As the name would suggest, permanent makeup is permanent. If you get tired of the style or regret the colors you have chosen, you can’t remove it.

Essential Oils – Incorrect Use

Another trend that has become very popular, especially on social media, is the use of essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated plant extract from different plants. These oils are used in skincare as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

However, essential oils require you to dilute them with a carrier oil before use. This is because directly applying essential oils can lead to sensitization or significant irritation. If you don’t do your research and learn how to dilute them properly, you will damage your skin.

Pore Strips and Glue

On the topic of damaging skin, the final skincare trend to steer clear of in 2023 is using pore strips and glue. To be more specific, pore strips are fine to use to remove blackheads every once in a while, if they are made by top companies in the industry.

However, pore strips bought from the grocery store will most likely lead to widening your pores even further, leading to outbreaks. Another trend to remove blackheads is to use glue. This is a bad idea, since you will remove the top layer of protective skin along with blackheads.

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