slots and documentaries raised awareness

How Slots and Documentaries Have Raised Awareness of Unexpected Subjects

The world of slot games used to be about fruit symbols and bells, but that’s changed now that there are so many themes to choose from. A look at the current selection of slots brings us some unexpected subjects that tie in with interesting documentaries and may help to raise awareness of issues that often go unnoticed.

Sustainable Fishing

We can tell how popular fishing is as the list of Jackpot King prizes on the Paddy Power site includes several slots about this activity, from various Fishin’ Frenzy versions to Crabbin’ for Cash. These games include fish and anglers among their symbols, with bonus rounds where the player gets to scoop up prizes by collecting fish or crabs. The Jackpot King element is a progressive jackpot shared across numerous slots from Blueprint Gaming.

While no one expects the emergence of fishing as a slot trend to change the whole industry, perhaps raising its profile will help people to become slightly more aware of this area. According to the WWF, £5.7 billion of fish and seafood products are consumed in the UK every year, with overfishing a huge global problem. A more sustainable approach is needed and bringing the subject into popular culture through slots and documentaries like The Track of the Tuna may help.

Endangered Animals

Everyone knows that many of the planet’s animals are in danger of going extinct but it’s still shocking to see the story of Sudan, the last male white rhino who had to be heavily protected by human guards while frantic efforts were made to keep him and the other few remaining animals alive. His tale was told on an episode of the PBS Nature series, called The Last Rhino.

In terms of slots, these magnificent animals are commonly used as symbols, on games like Rhino Rampage, Great Rhino, and Raging Rhino. While playing a slot might not be enough on its own to raise someone’s awareness of the plight of these creatures, it’s to be hoped that every time we’re exposed to them our interest in their plight grows slightly and may eventually cause people to find out more.

Ancient Cultures

Interest in ancient cultures has never gone away, and this list of the best documentaries from Game Rant covers the likes of Hannibal: The Man Who Hated Rome, and Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth, with both giving up fascinating insights that let us understand the ancient world and how it has directly influenced our lives.

This broad subject has also been covered in many slots, such as Emperor of Rome and Medusa Gems. The use of historically accurate images on many of these games means that they prove to be educational as well as entertaining, giving players a chance to learn and perhaps increasing the chances of them searching for one of those documentaries.

The subjects we’ve looked at here are just some of the interesting areas that documentaries and slot games cover. Both types of media provide ways of learning about new aspects of the world without it seeming like you’re sitting through a set of fact-heavy lessons.

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