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7 Reasons Social Media Matters For Real Estate Agents

Not using social media today is bound to take a toll on every single business, regardless of the industry. When real estate is in question, though, the importance of social media presence can’t be stressed enough.

Becoming well-known in your community and establishing yourself as the go-to real estate agent for any kinds of questions and selling or buying deals is definitely a huge goal. And, it is an unattainable one if social media isn’t added to the mix. Advertising on other platforms shouldn’t stop, but presence on these ones should increase, if you really want to establish yourself as reliable and reputable.

Having a great social media game, as explained at, won’t just lead to building an audience that trusts you as a brand, but also to getting the opportunity to show off your listings and bring great value to your audience, thus constantly keeping your name in their mind. Achieving that will lead to the people contacting you whenever they need real estate services, meaning that your social media presence is bound to ultimately increase the pool of your clients, which is undeniably a huge deal.

Lack of understanding is what leads to people skipping social media when creating their marketing strategies – a lack related to the reasons why this particular channel matters so much. Skipping and ignoring it can hinder your success, something you certainly don’t want. Getting informed about the reasons why social media matters for real estate agents, which you’ll do below, is bound to help you achieve greater success by starting to use those channels in your marketing endeavors and aiming at taking full advantage of it.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn… All of those platforms should be a part of your toolbox for growing the business you’ve started. Focusing on just one or two of those if you don’t have time for more should be enough, but if you’re growing a huge business and aiming at becoming an agency, instead of a standalone agent, then including all of the platforms will be possible, and, of course, necessary. Countless reasons to do social media marketing as a real estate agent confirm the importance of this strategy, and you’ll now get familiar with some of those.

1. You Build Your Reputation

Building a reputation is, undoubtedly, a must in every single industry, and I can’t stress enough how important it is in real estate. Dealing with properties, you need people to trust you. If they don’t, they’re highly unlikely to provide you with the opportunity to sell their property, or to find them a perfect one to buy. Trust is a huge part of the real estate business, and building the perfect reputation will increase it.

Presenting yourself on social media the right way, providing people with great and relevant information and basically building a narrative for your business through these channels will make you a go-to, relevant and reliable resource for both buyers and sellers.

2. You Grow Your Network

Succeeding in real estate without growing your own network, i.e. your audience, is definitely impossible. It was impossible in the past, it is impossible now, and it will be so in the future as well. Growing that network in the present, however, requires you to use some skills and channels people haven’t used before. Social media, of course, has the biggest potential here and numerous real estate agents are leveraging it, using it to grow their audience and to basically succeed in the industry. Click this to get a clearer idea on how they succeed with it.

3. And Easily Connect To Potential Clients

Methods of connecting to clients have also changed when compared to the past. Networking has, however, remained the crucial factor in growing a business in real estate – it’s just that it’s done differently nowadays. Having a strong network of potential clients and being able to easily connect to them is a must, and social media allows precisely for that.

Keeping in touch with your community and being able to easily reach possible clients will increase your chances of succeeding in this industry. The more people you know, the better, especially in this business, and social media offers you the huge advantage of getting to know those people more easily, and possibly turning them into clients in the future.

4. As Well As Maintain Good Relationships With Them

Simply connecting to people without maintaining good relationships with them won’t lead to success. Connections will quickly fade and you’ll be forgotten if you’re not using social media to increase your visibility and constantly remind your audience that you’re there, that you have the answers to their questions and that you’re ready to solve any of their real estate challenges and issued.

Not being present on social media when in real estate is the equivalent of not being out on the field when trying to be recognized by a football scout. Maintaining relationships with your audience through posting on those platforms often and providing them with relevant information regarding the industry is certainly of huge significance, so make sure to keep those profiles as active as possible.

5. It Offers Lead Generation Opportunities

Getting quality leads is your goal in real estate, because those quality leads are bound to become paying clients. Using different channels, such as websites and e-mails and similar ones, is important here as well, but ignoring social media is probably going to lead to a low lead generation rate and to poor quality leads for that matter.

All great agents will tell you that social media accounts for around 50% of their quality leads, and missing out on such a huge number certainly won’t go in your favor. Thus, building your presence on those platforms that everyone is using nowadays is the biggest step towards generating quality leads, and you should definitely use it to your advantage.

6. As Well As Brand Development Opportunities

With a huge number of real estate agents working as your competitors, having a brand that stands out is the only way for you to, well, stand out. Not working on developing your brand is probably going to lead to you being quickly forgotten, or to not even being recognized as a valuable resource in the industry.

Developing your brand is, thus, one of the crucial things to focus on, and social media provides you with numerous opportunities to do that, helping you easily share your story with your audience and keep them engaged with the aim of ensuring they’ll recognize you and remember you for when they wind up needing your services. Agents have long ago started prioritizing social media over e-mail, and these brand development opportunities are a huge reason why.

7. Capture The Buyers Quickly

Millennials are all about social media, and millennials are also a huge pool of potential clients to consider, given that they’re slowly settling down and buying their first homes. Connecting with them through your social media pages, maintaining good relationships and keeping them informed on pretty much anything that they need to know regarding the real estate industry will lead to them cooperating with you when they finally decide to take that huge buying step. Missing out on the millennial pool will take a toll on your business. Capturing the buyers on time will, on the other hand, help you grow.

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