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What Are Some Of The Top Cannabis Strains For Sex?

There are many different reasons people use cannabis. Some may use it for the intoxicating effects of THC while others may use it for reducing pain or anxiety via CBD. One of these reasons is improving one’s sexual life. Where there is little research done to either prove or disprove that idea, people have reported that using certain THC and/or CBD strains leads to better sex.

But is there really a connection between marijuana and sex? Is there any research to substantiate this claim or is it something based purely on people’s testimony? Let’s find out.

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Do Strains Really Matter?

Different CBD strains have different effects on the human body because of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in them. However, there is very little research that studies the effects of different strains in terms of sexual activity.

With that said, people do report that certain strains are better than others for sexual stimulation or satisfaction. Here are some of the strains that may help improve sexual experiences:


Do-Si-Dos is claimed by many as the best weed for sex since it produces euphoric and relaxing feelings for consumers. The euphoric journey you undertake after consuming this weed might lead to a more enjoyable sexual encounter.

Granddaddy Purple

Known as Green Viagra by some, this strain leads to a dreamy buzz that lasts a long time. Users report that it gets them in the right mood after just a few puffs. One thing to note though is that this is a very strong Indica and can lead to couch-lock if taken too heavily.

Sour Diesel

Recommended by many as the best strain of weed for sex, Sour Diesel is sativa-dominant and perfect for when you need a rush of euphoric energy and excitement. It is also relaxing to an extent so you can really enjoy yourself in bed.

Because there is no scientific choice for the title of ‘best weed for sex’, there are plenty of other strains that people recommend for this purpose:

• Wedding Cake
• Wedding Gelato
• Amnesia Haze
• Skywalker OG Kush
• Kosher Kush
• Harlequin.

Benefits And Effectiveness – Research On The Matter

Even though there’s not too much research regarding the actual benefits and effectiveness of CBD strains for sex, there is some. However, there are instances where one study suggests one thing and another suggests quite the opposite. This is why the connection between marijuana and sex is still based mostly on people’s subjective experiences.

Here are some points suggested by research:

• Cannabis may lead to improved female orgasm – a study in 2019.

• Cannabis may reduce sexual performance anxiety since it has been studied to reduce anxiety symptoms in general.

• People with low sex drive may find weed helpful, as per a study done in 2017 that linked cannabis use with the activation of the part of the brain that controls arousal. However, an older study suggested that cannabis may actually lower sex drive.

It has also been suggested that cannabis may help with overall sexual performance and help with erectile dysfunction, but much more research is needed to make that claim more solid.

What Is The Best Cannabis Delivery Method?

There are plenty of methods by which one could consume weed. Each method comes with its own pros and cons. You can visit AskGrowers to see a vast variety of strains in different forms. Once you’ve selected the best weed for sex, you can consume it in one of the following ways:


Smoking is one of the quickest ways to get cannabis into your system and enjoy its effects. Burning the buds directly in a pipe or a bong and then inhaling the smoke isn’t for everyone though, so be sure to try it with a small quantity first.


Many people use CBD oil for sex by infusing it into edibles. Edibles can include all kinds of things like gummies, brownies, cookies, and even drinks. It takes a longer time for the effects to take hold of the body when the best strain of weed for sex is consumed in the form of an edible.


You may also use CBD oil for sex in the form of a tincture. Tinctures are the middle ground, as they are quicker to act than edibles but slower than smoking the flower directly.


Another way to consume CBD strains is in the form of topicals. These can include things like creams, lotions, oils, etc. In particular, people use CBD oil for sex that is infused into lubricants as CBD lubricants can help treat dryness that leads to painful sex.

Risks And Side Effects

When consuming the best strain of weed for sex, you may be consuming both CBD and THC found inside. Different strains have different ratios of these two compounds. CBD is deemed safe to consume by the WHO. However, THC can lead to some side effects like:

• Dryness of the mouth and eyes
• Redness of the eyes
• Loss of memory
• Slower response times
• Coordination issues
• Increased heart rate

Because of these, it is recommended to consume smaller quantities of cannabis at first to see how your body reacts to a particular strain.

How To Use

There are multiple types of products that you can use to consume CBD. Here are some common ones:

• Edibles
• Oils
• Topicals
• Lubricants
• Massage lotions
• Suppositories.

Using these products is the same as using a similar product without CBD. For example, using CBD oil for sex is just like using another lubricating or stimulating oil.


With so little research, some people may want to try other ways of improving their sex life before they try cannabis. Or they could always try the following alternatives in conjunction with cannabis:

• Reducing stress whenever possible;
• Maintaining a healthy diet and overall health;
• Utilizing aphrodisiacs and/or sex toys;
• Staying active and keeping your body moving;
• Including foreplay;
• Reducing the intake of alcohol and smoke.

By following some of these alternatives, you can see noticeable differences in your sex life. And then you can try some CBD strains that are reported by users to improve sexual experiences to get even better results.

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