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Want to Spice Up Your Sex Life? Here’s What to Do

After some time together, many couples complain or joke about their sex life becoming boring and always following the same old routine. Therefore, it is quite common for partners to have honest and open conversations about how to reconnect with each other and strengthen their relationship by making their sex life more interesting and fulfilling. 

Couples seeking to improve their sex life by adding novelties and exploring new elements of sexual play often experience greater levels of intimacy and more pleasurable sex in addition to going on a journey of discovery as partners learn new things about each other which help to maintain curiosity and engagement. 

There are many other benefits to a fun, healthy and satisfying sex life for both partners, these include:

  • Improved moods due to higher levels of chemicals, called endorphins, which are known to make people feel happy
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and stress
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Promotion of better sleep
  • Helping to maintain healthy brain functions 

For couples who feel like their sex life has gone flat and would like to find ways to spice it up, here is some advice and tips on what to do. 

Choose Accessories and Toys Together

Browsing sex toys and discussing which ones match either partner’s fantasies and preferences is a good starting point for couples looking to liven up their sex life.

Sex toys and accessories are easy to find at a brick-and-mortar store or an online adult shop that offers a range of products that can be discreetly packaged and shipped. It may take some time for couples to find sex toys and accessories to their liking as there is a whole range of items available including:

  • Butt plugs
  • Dildos
  • Candles
  • Handcuffs
  • Remote-control toys such as small vibrators 
  • Male masturbation sleeves designed recreate the feel and look of an anus, mouth or vagina
  • Prostate stimulators 
  • Sex dolls
  • Swings
  • Whips
  • Vibrators 

Sex toys and accessories come in many different shapes, sizes and variations so when couples are choosing what works for them, it is worth thinking carefully about each partner’s desires and sexual needs before purchasing. However, the vast array of sex toys available nowadays makes it easier for more adventurous couples to keep their sex life exciting and fresh.

One thing to be aware of and give some consideration to when getting sex toys is their safety. Poor quality sex toys may be made with toxic materials that can cause irritation or porous materials that promote bacteria and mold growth which could lead to infections.

There are however some materials that are considered to be one hundred percent safe including ceramics, hard plastics, latex, medical-grade stainless steel and pure silicone.

Plan For Good Sex

Some people believe that having spontaneous sex or when you feel like it is the most satisfying, however, this doesn’t work for everyone and other people like to put in a bit of time planning to ensure their sexual experiences are fulfilling, pleasurable and positive.

The first step in planning a more exciting sex life is for couples to have candid conversations about their sexual desires and needs. This information then helps couples to plan and prepare for their new adventures in the bedroom such as deciding which sex toys to buy. 

One of the best ways for couples to prepare for a better sex life is to create a schedule with set days and times that they will have sex. For people with a busy lifestyle or low sex drive, this can help to build anticipation and allow time to prepare mentally and physically. 


Oftentimes people are scared of being judged or shamed due to their fantasies, however, couples that are open with each other can talk about their desires and fantasies, and then act them out in erotic games and sexual roleplaying. This allows couples to build a closer bond at the same time as letting go of their inhibitions. 

Sexual roleplaying can be quite diverse, ranging from scenarios mimicking real-life to BDSM involving stronger, more forceful play and equipment like blindfolds, chains and restraints. That being said, the choice of scenarios is very personal and can be tailored to suit a partner’s fantasies exactly. 

Foods to Improve Libido

Certain foods are known to be aphrodisiacs; these are foods that can increase sexual desire, pleasure and performance when eaten before or during sex. Some examples of food and drink that can improve libido are apples, avocados, chocolate, oysters and strawberries. 

Unfortunately, couples that have been together for some time can get stuck in a rut when it comes to their sex life, which may have become dull and unpleasurable. Despite these problems, many couples can spice up their sex life in several ways such as by investing in accessories and sex toys, discussing and acting out fantasies and making use of aphrodisiacs or Semenax to improve sex drive. 

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