Spring Landscaping Jobs

For landscaping businesses, the arrival of spring is always welcome as this is usually the busiest period of the year with clients requesting all kinds of jobs to get their garden back in the best possible condition ahead of the warmer months of the year. So, what are a few of the best jobs in spring for landscape gardeners?

Lawn Mowing

One of the most popular jobs at this time of the year is lawn mowing. After months of cold, wet and windy weather, people’s backyards can look a little wild and lawn mowing is one of the most effective ways to tame the backyard and make it an appealing space to spend time.

A battery leaf blower can help to make sure that the lawn is clear of debris, which should stop anything from getting caught in the mower. It is amazing the difference that this can make and it can also be a quick and easy job for a landscaper.

Tree & Shrub Care

You will also find that trimming back trees and shrub care are key tasks at this time of the year. Trimming trees back can make them look neater and tidier while also helping to maximise sunlight in the garden while shrub care helps to create a clean, attractive and professional look in the backyard.

It is important that you know how, where and what to trim at this time of the year to create the best possible space for your clients. Additionally, it is important to know the signs of tree disease and signs that the entire tree needs to be cut down – if this is another service that you can provide then you will benefit greatly.

Bulb Planting

Of course, spring is also a time of new life and knowing what to plant at this time of the year allows you to create beautiful gardens ready to bloom in the summer. Bulb planting now can bring colour, life and visual interest into the garden during the busiest period of the year.

Additionally, clients will often want to start a vegetable patch but do not know how. There is a lot that you can plant now that will be ready to harvest come the summer and this could improve the garden and life of your clients in a number of ways.

These are a few of the key tasks that you can be doing in the spring to restore people’s gardens and turn them into attractive, welcoming and stylish spaces to spend time during the warmer months. This is the time of year when business really starts to pick up, so you will want to do all that you can to maximise your business and make as much money as possible.

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