stargirl powers for good

Stargirl: Powers for Good

The members of the Justice Society of America in the popular series Stargirl exhibit some pretty amazing powers that help them fight for good and battle against their rivals in the Injustice Society of America and Injustice Unlimited. From Stargirl’s ability to fly to Wildcat’s claws to Dr. Mid-Nite’s holographic projections, these superheroes are well-equipped to cope with just about anything.


In this series created by Geoff Johns, Courtney Whitmore has no idea she has any superpowers at all until her mother marries and moves the family to Blue Valley, where she finds the Cosmic Staff in her stepfather’s basement. The Staff, which belonged to Starman, connects with Courtney at once and allows her to access and use her powers.

With the help of the Cosmic Staff, Courtney as Stargirl is able to tap into stellar energy and use it to blast her opponents, an ability called stellarkinesis. Stargirl can also use photokinesis, lighting up the Staff to distract people and to counter hallucinations. Holding tightly to the Staff, Stargirl can even fly.


When Yolanda Montez puts on her Wildcat gear, she develops a superhuman agility and balance. As Wildcat, Yolanda always lands on her feet. She can climb and jump effortlessly, even crawling up straight walls. Her reflexes are perfect, and she can react to danger almost instantly. Wildcat also sports sharp claws that can cut through almost any substance.

Dr. Mid-Nite

As Dr. Mid-Nite, the extremely intelligent Beth Chapel puts on goggles that give her extraordinary powers. She has perfect night vision, infrared vision, X-Ray vision, and overall enhanced vision. Dr. Mid-Nite can create holographs, and she can recognize people and objects and search for information about them. She can even detect lies, break codes and predict the weather.


Rick Tyler takes over his father’s position as Hourman, and he uses his father’s hourglass to enhance his strength and endurance for one hour every day.

As Hourman, Rick can lift many tons and crush just about any material. He can also resist injury and jump amazing distances horizontally and vertically. His reflexes are enhanced as well, enabling him to catch crossbow bolts with ease. Rick does not always realize the extent of his powers, and he almost kills his uncle. After this incident, he destroys the hourglass. He regrets his act but cannot fully repair the hourglass.

Jennie-Lynn Hayden

Jennie-Lynn Hayden is the daughter of Green Lantern, and she has inherited his father’s power battery ability and can use his ring. Jennie can charge the ring using her inherent battery and then use it to project energy to attack her opponents. She can also construct and repair objects using energy, and the ring allows her to fly. Jennie’s powers, however, are connected to her emotions, so she must remain in control to be able to use them properly.

Pat Dugan

Pat Dugan was once Starman’s sidekick. While he does not exactly have superpowers, he certainly possesses some unusual abilities. He has created S.T.R.I.P.E., robot armor that allows him to aid Stargirl. Pat is a talented mechanic, engineer, and combatant with high-level intelligence.

Indeed, these members of the Justice Society of America, with their combined talents and superpowers, are ready for anything their enemies can throw at them.

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