stay connected while traveling abroad

How To Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad 

Going on a trip doesn’t mean you must be disconnected from your life back at home (or the rest of the world). Staying in touch with family and friends will enrich your experience and help you keep yourself safe, especially if traveling alone.

As technology has improved, so has the number of options to get online. However, when you face more choices than you desire, it’s tricky to determine which one is more reliable and economical. Whether you’re going to a different country for business purposes or you’ve been invited to a destination wedding, knowing the best options for staying connected while overseas is crucial.

Look Into a Solution That’s Designed for Travelers – An eSIM

There are several advantages to having access to a fast and reliable Internet connection while traveling. Above all, you can check for something worth seeing in the area or learn more about customs, traditions, and legends. You can equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to ensure a safe, enjoyable journey with fun and memorable activities. If you’re traveling for work, the need for an Internet connection is beyond question.

Maybe you’ve heard data roaming charges horror stories. Vacation is about relaxing, recharging, and getting refreshed, not stressing about money. One of the most reliable solutions for obtaining Internet connectivity is to use a phone with eSIM functionality. It helps you stay connected at cheaper rates regardless of how much you’re on the go.

Generally speaking, Holafly offers some of the best deals, but a lot will depend on where you’re traveling to and, of course, how much data you want. They make available eSIMs with unlimited data for destinations such as Europe, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and China.

The eSIM can be delivered by email, so you don’t have to wait if this is a last-minute purchase. Install your eSIM a day or two before you need it to ensure it works on your device while you’re on a sound Wi-Fi connection. You can install it manually by copying and pasting the code sent to you by email or scanning the QR code.

In case you didn’t already know, Google Fi offers unlimited data at no extra charge, so you can connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot or network that meets its quality specifications to make calls or send texts. It works with phones from Google, Samsung, Motorola, and so on. You pay one monthly fee for unlimited data plus a flat rate per gigabyte of data afterward.

Don’t waste any more time, and activate your Google Fi eSIM if you have a Google Pixel device. With a Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan, you can get international data in more than 200 locations worldwide. Maybe you want to use two carriers. In that case, see if your phone supports it.

Use Hotel and Restaurant Wi-Fi

As we become progressively mobile (and constantly in need of an Internet connection), the significance of wireless Internet is strongly highlighted. Hotels and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to improve customer satisfaction and encourage returns, not to mention recommendations.

If you really need Internet while traveling abroad, you can use the Wi-Fi in your hotel room or where you’re eating out, but it shouldn’t be your first choice. The reason for this is there’s limited availability in rural areas, and the connection tends to be slow. Find out the wireless network’s name and password, open up your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, and enter the requested information to complete the connection.

Regrettably, hotel and restaurant Wi-Fi is a popular target for hackers due to the fact that the system is easy to penetrate. Hotels and restaurants are all about welcoming people and trying to anticipate and satisfy their needs, so it comes as a surprise they don’t offer a hassle-free experience.

If the Wi-Fi hotspot is unsecured, the data you transmit and receive is in danger, as anyone on the network can spy on your information. It’s a good idea not to connect to banking or financial institutions or sites on which you store credit card information. Ideally, you should have a VPN to protect your personal information; your data is encrypted, so no one will know what you’re doing online.

Use A VPN for added Security

This tip is especially effective for those traveling across China, or a country that heavily censors what you can and can’t see online. It can allow you to keep up with social media, speak to loved ones on whatsapp or even just to continue working like you have done. The trick is in having a vpn like expressvpn china properly set up to maximize its success and output.

Once it’s set up you won’t have to worry about it and can happily travel knowing you’re fully connected. If it isn’t set up right you may find your favorite websites are blocked.

Buy A Travel Plan from Your Current Mobile Provider

If you reject the possibility of switching providers or would like a faster Internet service, reach out to your mobile provider and ask for a travel plan so that you can stay connected overseas.

Think about how many calls you’re likely to make a day, where you’ll be calling, and, most importantly, how much data you’re going to use. Dual SIM phones only support 2G for the second SIM but don’t worry because there are still countries that support the 2G network. 4G delivers the fastest performance to your mobile phone, so you’re good to go in most places around the world.

Roaming is when your phone uses a mobile network that isn’t owned by your mobile provider to send and receive data. You can stay connected with friends and family wherever you go, check your work emails, and stay up to date with the latest news.

Equally, you can use GPS to find the best route and act like a local, thanks to immediate voice and text translations. Attention must be paid to the fact that roaming plans tend to be expensive because roaming charges help cover the costs of what mobile providers must pay local operators to use their network.

Prior to turning on the roaming service, check the rates and coverage. You can put your phone on flight mode, especially when you’re moving between destinations so that your receiving functions are off. This will turn off your phone’s ability to connect to local cellular networks. Keep in mind that anyone with access to your GPS can see your location.

Texting is cheaper than calling, and the recipient doesn’t have to stop what they’re doing that instant (they’ll respond when they have a few minutes to spare). Make a list of the most important things to do so that you don’t stay connected to the Internet day and night.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, if you want to use your phone when traveling abroad, there are a few options available, but the solution depends on where you’re going and how much data you need.

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