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Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired by Your Photography

According to statistics, 53% of adults aged from 18 to 29 suffered a lack of motivation since the beginning of the pandemic. Burnout at work is familiar to many of us. And, oddly enough, this problem is felt mostly by representatives of creative specialties. In this particular article, we’ll talk about photographers and how they can get back to productive and enjoyable work.

#1 Try a New Style

Often, boredom comes from the fact that you have stopped trying new things and looking for yourself. This can be useful when taking photographs has become your job, but other times you just limit yourself. If you are only photographing landscapes, constantly adding the same filters – get ready that this will soon become a routine.

So, the simplest thing you can do in this case is just change your style. If you are photographing portraits, go for landscapes and the like. If you have no idea what you would like to do, look at the work of other photographers and try to imitate them.

#2 Create a Challenge for Yourself

Sometimes it’s corny that you don’t want to go out with a camera and try to shoot something. But if you like to argue or compete, then this method is for you. Try to make the process of shooting and using photo editing software a real quest.

The so-called 365 photo challenge is popular on the Internet, the name of which speaks for itself. You will have to shoot and upload new photos every day for a whole year. It just sounds scary, but this method has helped a lot of people to get out of the creative crisis.

#3 Seek Indirect Inspiration

Try to diversify not only your shooting technique but also the process itself. For example, if you are a music lover, feel free to include your playlist when you go searching for beautiful frames. Feel free to dance or even sing while you look for the right angle. After all, you are creating, so be creative in everything.

#4 Experiment With Photo Editing

Feel free to try your hand at photo manipulation; this is a great way to re-discover the frames you are used to. There are many tools to help you with this, for example: changing the background, correcting brightness and contrast, sharpening the image for clarity, adding filters, etc.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just Photoshop; several excellent editors stand out favorably in terms of functionality and ease of use. If you don’t want to get too deep into learning photo editing software, try applications like PaintShop Pro or Luminar AI, which are AI-oriented. You don’t have to worry about adding filters or correcting brightness and contrast; this photo editing software will do everything for you, and you can tweak the finished result. 

If you like to control the process from A to Z, then try photo editing with Movavi or installing the editor by Acdsee. Both programs give photographers endless possibilities to experiment.

#5 Explore Black and White Photography

No matter how professional you are in your style, once you try black and white photography, you will feel the excitement of a beginner again. In the absence of color, your tools are shadows, lights, and compositions. Therefore, you will think a lot more about the angle and constantly look for the most advantageous light. This will not only help you learn a new skill, but it will also give you additional skills in color photography.

#6 Give Up Perfectionism

Everyone knows that perfectionism often discourages the desire to do anything at all. Not getting the perfect photo, you start to freak out and get angry, and this completely kills inspiration. Therefore, this habit must be abandoned.

Try to challenge yourself and look for beauty in the little things. Take pictures of moments in life when your child is reading a book, your pet is sleeping, or people are drinking coffee. By taking the time to do this, you’ll realize that you don’t need the perfect light, location, or model to take a perfect photo.  

#7 Try Self-Portrait

If you think that taking a selfie has something to do with this, you are wrong. The self-portrait is a very cool tool to improve your photography skills and experience unusual emotions. You just need to buy a tripod, and you are ready to conquer new heights. Go to town, experiment with poses, and create masterpieces.

Of course, for this, it is advisable to understand which poses suit you and which ones are better to refuse. To do this, read our article on types of face shapes to get to know yourself better.

#8 Share Your Hobby

One way or another, there are people in your environment who are interested in shooting; try to find and interest them. It can be anyone: your children, parents, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. You will again feel and see the interest that you once experienced. It is especially interesting to watch children who, for the first time, pick up a phone with a good camera and take pictures of everything they see with inspiration.

Teach them how to use the editors and watch them wonder about changing the background of their photo in the school album. The main thing is to be sure that the child is ready for this. We had an article in which we told how to prepare a child to use gadgets.

#9 Find an Example to Follow

This method works for any creative profession, not just photographers. Look at the work of other famous people and try to repeat after them. A role model is a great way to stay inspired. See where they shoot, how they take photos, what programs they use in changing the background, adding filters, and correcting brightness and contrast. So you will quickly reach the level at which they are.

#10 Visit New Places

Favorite locations are great, but not when you are completely demotivated. Perhaps it is because of the lack of variety in the places that you have no inspiration for. Photography is not only about improving your skill but also a constant search for new locations and models.

Try to travel! You don’t need an expensive flight or hotel overnight. A short trip out of town is already a kind of journey. This method will not only kindle the fire of adventure in you but also help you meet new acquaintances and simply interesting people. You will be shocked at how many beautiful photo spots you missed in one spot.


If at the moment you do not like what you are doing, try to implement something from our list. These tips would help any photographers struggling to find inspiration re-discover the passion again. 

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