store the anchor on a pontoon boat

Where To Store The Anchor On A Pontoon Boat

Anchors are a crucial part of boat safety. In the event of an engine failure, an anchor can prevent the boat from drifting away into dangerous territories. However, the anchor must be stored appropriately to prevent accidents when not in use.

This article will show you where to store the anchor on a pontoon boat. These areas are safe and easy to access when you need to anchor the ship.

1. Bow Storage

Most boats come with an anchor locker at the bow of the boat. The locker has rubber fittings where you can securely hold your anchor so it doesn’t bounce around and damage the vessel. Below the rubber fitting is an anchor well that allows you to arrange your anchor line neatly beneath the anchor, so it doesn’t tangle.

However, pontoon boats do not have an anchor locker because of access points on and off the boat. In this case, you can store the anchor in the area beneath the cushion space. Alternatively, you can purchase an anchor holder, anchor storage box, or container to store your anchor safely.

2. Stern Storage

Most boat models have ample space within the hatch for storage. You can utilize this space to store your anchor and anchor rode. Get an anchor bag or storage bin and keep the anchor, so it doesn’t bounce about and damage the boat.

Alternatively, get a cooler bag, then take the tag end of your anchor line and set it aside. Next, coil the rest of the line and place it inside the bag, followed by the anchor. Lastly, add the tag end of your anchor line and close the bag. This setup is simple and easy to deploy when you need to use the anchor.

3. Under the Deck

Using a pontoon anchor winch mount, you can store your anchor under the deck. This device is easy to install with minimal drilling into one of the rear tubes. The tubes extend out further, which means that the anchor will be out of the way, so people do not trip over it. It also saves space onboard.

To install the device, you need to drill holes in one of the rear tubes under the deck. Next, screw in the device and place your anchor and winch.

Ensure you purchase a strong and durable mount that can handle any anchor. Most mounts can hold an average anchor weight of 35 lbs, so you must keep that in mind when purchasing an anchor mount. Lastly, get an anchor winch mount with salt water resistant coating to protect it from rust and corrosion.


Storing your anchor in a safe place keeps the pontoon boat organized and prevents injuries from falls and trips. There are different areas where you can store an anchor on your pontoon boat. You can keep the anchor on the bow, stern, or under the deck alongside the fishing gear. These areas are easy to access and make the anchoring process smooth and hassle-free.

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