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Try These 9 Pro Tips And Enjoy Streaming In Low Cost Services In The UK

Over the past few years, streaming sites have achieved immense popularity not just in the UK but also across the globe. There is always more competition as demand increases.

Due to the growing demands, streaming platforms can charge their users far more. It’s becoming ever harder to save cash in the world today because of rising living costs and costly streaming platforms. Do you feel the same way?

If you answered yes, then sit down and continue reading as I’ve listed 9 ways for you to lower your streaming expenses and save a few pounds in your wallet.

To begin with, try Disney Plus bundle in UK although you will need a VPN for relocating your UK location to a US location.

It gives access to Disney+, ESPN+, and HULU programming. In America, a Disney Plus bundle costs $7.99 every month. Hulu costs $7.99 / month, Disney Plus costs $9.99 / month, and ESPN Plus costs $7.99 / month.

The overall cost of these streaming platforms amounts to roughly $25.97. As is apparent, the bundle will lead to significant discounts for you.

Let’s now discuss 9 additional suggestions for lowering your streaming costs in the UK.

9 ways to cut your streaming costs

1. Determine which subscriptions can be canceled

Quit paying for the service you use the least and discontinue doing so. For example, sustaining an Apple TV Plus subscription is not needed if you’ve already viewed all of the service’s paid content despite registering for it a year ago.

It’s a foundation even though it only leads to a £ 6.99 monthly savings. Remind yourself that when a fresh season begins, you can pay once again.

2. Program your binges

The greatest part regarding Amazon, Netflix Max, or other streaming services is that you can cancel your membership when it’s suitable for you and restart it when you feel at ease, so when your favorite episode begins showing again.

Many shows take an annual or lengthier gap between seasons, allowing you to enjoy that time off to save pounds.

For substantial cost savings, use a rotation strategy. Instead of registering for multiple sites at once, you could choose just one, view all of your favorite shows there, unsubscribe, and then switch to some other service.

3. Utilize trial options

Almost all popular streaming services, except Netflix, offer a free trial, so if you arrange your streaming well, you could stream a few seasons without having to spend money.

Just set a date to cancel if you do not want to be billed after the trial has expired.

4. Acquire economical, basic memberships

Even though nobody likes watching ads, you should if it means saving money. For example, Disney Plus charges £ 10.99 per month for streaming without advertisements but only £7.99 if you don’t mind commercials.

As you consider the commercial, ask yourself if you need a premium streaming plan, particularly Netflix Premium as it’s the only way to get 4K video content on that site. (Moreover, it allows 4 simultaneous streams instead of 2)

To upgrade from the basic package, you must pay an additional £5 per month.

However, if you watch on a tablet or phone most of the time, 4K is completely useless. Moreover, when viewed on a huge monitor, basic HD programming appears great.

5. Collective Subscription

The rules for sharing memberships differ among streaming sites. But because these rules aren’t always obvious, they can be difficult to follow.

If I spend a £15.99 Netflix Premium subscription with 5 logins and up to 4 devices of streaming, does that count if all of the subscribers live in my home?

Accordingly, it’s possible that if you subscribe to Netflix and your friend pays for BBC iPlayer then you both share a subscription. Isn’t this the best method for saving money?

6. Look for free streaming sites

The Iron Giant, have you seen it? Currently, Tubi is giving out free access to Brad Bird’s utterly adorable debut animated feature. Ex Machina is an intriguing science fantasy suspense thriller. It is freely available for streaming on Kanopy. Like The Rock? Enjoy Young Rock’s Freevee debut season.

The fact is that there are numerous online streaming options offered, and a lot of them are host to some truly top-notch films and shows. You can access free live newscasts as well.

However, you may have to put up with advertisements on most of them.

7. Long-term memberships are frequently the best

Check out if a streaming platform has a deal for a long subscription before you create an account for it.

For example, if you select a month-to-month membership for Disney+, you’ll spend £7.99. But, it charges £79.90 if you sign up for an entire season. That amounts to about £6.65 per month.

You won’t become rich in this way, but you’ll collect some extra money. Verify with each company to see if they provide yearly deals as well. If they do, then take full advantage of it.

8. It’s fine to use your standard TV

Many individuals assume that if they wish to switch to streaming sites, they must instantly go shopping and buy a web smart TV. That is simply untrue.

You may stream utilizing your current TV as long as it has an HDMI connection. All you need to do is buy a cheap streaming stick or box and plug it into your existing TV.

9. Obtain a cord-cutter bank card

Many credit cards give cash back for different purchases, but very few give streaming-specific perks. For example, you can get a 15% discount on a Disney+ subscription if you pay with a Santander bank card.

When using particular Credit credit and debit cards, streaming services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime are eligible for rewards. Identify any additional streaming discounts that your current card may provide.


In summary, these tried-and-true approaches can certainly help you save a few pounds. Although these recommendations may have limitations, such as having to put up with advertising. They are the best option for enjoying the material on your preferred platform without spending a fortune.

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