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The Developing World of Streaming Services

Streaming technology is big business. Most people are probably familiar with it because services like Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video are how they watch their favorite shows and movies, both at home and on the go. However, these days there is much more to the streaming industry than just film and TV. The technology has been transplanted into different sectors, instigating the rise of new entertainment formats as well as bolstering existing media.

Below, we look in detail at the different uses for video streaming technology in 2023, focusing on emerging applications and lesser-known uses which you may want to investigate for yourself.

Social Media

Traditionally, social media has acted as a platform to share text, images, music and videos with an audience. Until recently, all content had to be pre-recorded before publication online. However, it is now possible to live stream video directly to viewers through many different sites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. With the rollout of 5G mobile data and faster Wi-Fi connections, live streaming from any place at any time is simple.

Brands and influencers might use this feature to connect with their followers, facilitating more immediate discussion and conversation about new products and features, or answering frequently asked questions. Live streams provide the opportunity to address topics quickly and openly, rather than having to wait for more traditional forms of publication. They add an extra level of instant communication to an already fast-moving sector.

Live Dealer Casino Games

iGaming is currently on the rise, with global revenue projected to reach almost $500 billion by the end of 2023. Players can use online casinos to access their favorite titles, as well as different variants of classic games such as High Roller Blackjack or European Roulette. Alongside this, established platforms such as PokerStars Casino use live streaming technology to offer customers a virtual experience which is closer to the traditional way of casino gaming, with a live dealer making moves on camera.

Whereas some people might find online casino games lack the up close and personal feel of a brick-and-mortar establishment, live dealer games put them back in the room where all the action is happening, although, conveniently, from the comfort of their own sofa or wherever they happen to be playing.


One of the breakaway successes of the live streaming boom has been Originally launched as in 2007, before eventually being bought out and developed by Amazon in 2014, it is a live streaming service used primarily by gamers. Amateur and professional players alike stream themselves playing games, unboxing gaming paraphernalia and chatting with viewers.

Recently, the service has expanded away from gaming to focus on other streaming subjects as well. These include everything from the incredibly popular Just Chatting segment, to Beauty & Body Art, to ASMR, to Music. The platform also broadcasts some live esports tournaments and other events, featuring games like CS: GO, VALORANT and League of Legends.

Twitch provides a hint towards what the prevalent form of streaming will be in the future; a live and on demand service geared towards different topics.

Sports Broadcasts

As mentioned previously, a large percentage of the world’s population now access TV shows and movies through streaming services like Apple TV+ or BritBox. However, most of these platforms offer pre-recorded content on demand, rather than actual live streaming. Sports broadcasts, for obvious reasons, need to be made available live, keeping fans up to date with all the action on the pitch, on the field, or in the stadium as it happens.

Thankfully, sports enthusiasts can now choose from a wide array of different live streaming platforms which broadcast sports games to televisions, PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Whether they’d like to keep up to date with football, tennis, hockey, golf or any number of other professional sports leagues, it’s now possible to do so with an OTT streaming service rather than having to find the right TV channel or attend in person.

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