Best Techniques For Success At AU Online Roulette

Some techniques help to increase the chances of a player winning an online roulette game. These techniques encompass various skills the AU individual can apply when playing online roulette. The AU players can also find mobile casino bonus codes at the best online casinos, like Aussie online casino, for other free casino games.

Online roulette is best for players looking to improve their techniques and strategies. These players can access slot games at their convenience using online casinos. The players can use free spins to earn massive rewards. When playing online roulette, players often take note of some good techniques which help to increase their chances for success.


In the Labouchere technique, the AU players break down the expected amount the player wants to win into multiple bets. It is a technique that works well with even bets such as 1-18/19-36, red/black, and even/odd. The players often place their bets when there is a 50% winning chance at the casino.

The first step in Labouchere is for the player to decide on the planned number of wins at the dollar deposit casinos. When the player wins the game, the player will cross the numbers used to bet on the right and left sides. After that, the player will divide the amount into smaller and random numbers. The player will then combine the numbers by taking the number on the extreme right and extreme left.

However, if the player loses the casino game, then the player will add the right side number and place another bet. The player will then clear the sequence by repeating the process to win the goal amount. It is advisable for the players not to chase losses and to know when to stop playing any mobile slots game. Also, retain profits after the first loss in an online slots game in a winning streak.

Labouchere technique helps the players to manage their budget because it is neatly organised. The Labouchere does not affect the odds, nor does it help improve the casino game’s house edge. In this technique, the players must be attentive and follow the sequence carefully. Splitting when losing and modifying the initial sequence are some of the various modifications of Labouchere available

The following are the steps involved in the Labouchere technique:

• Have a winning budget in mind
• Make a combination of your numbers
• Place your wager
• Repeat the second step
• Keep repeating the steps until you win

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D’Alembert is one of the popular techniques used when playing online roulette at AU slots. It is also one of the most effective strategies used in roulette casino games. D’Alembert is a safe real money roulette betting strategy that is easily accessible, making it an obvious option for new players.

In D’Alembert’s strategy, the players stake with the outside bets and best odds. These players also stake even money bets when there is a 50% chance of winning on their side. The strategy involves the players avoiding huge risks while also chasing their losses. It is a strategy that helps to reduce losses in a game and gives the players a chance to regain their losses. The following are some ways to apply D’Alembert’s technique when playing the roulette game:

• Decide on your base unit: When using the D’Alembert technique, the first step is to decide on a base unit. It is vital to stake your base, which can be any percentage of the player’s choice. When choosing a percentage, it is best to start with 2% of the total bankroll and keep it below 5%.

• Always begin with one unit: When making a stake, it is best to stake one base unit. The staking unit is often used during the beginning wager of the technique.

• Make sure to increase the stakes after a loss: If the player loses the stake placed, it is best to increase the stakes. In the D’Alembert technique, the player must increase the stake gradually by one staking unit in a losing streak.

• Ensure to decrease the stakes after a win: After every win, the players should decrease the wager by a base unit.

D’Alembert is a technique that pushes the players ahead of their competition and allows them to recoup losses. It also provides the players with several bonuses irrespective of their losses.


The martingale technique is one of the most commonly used strategies during roulette casino games. It is a technique that works better when the player bets on 50/50 odds or close to it. In a roulette casino game, the players can place their bets on odd or even. The players can bet on 19-36 number groups close to 50/50 odds, red or black.

When applying the martingale strategy in roulette, the player will place a bet with a low amount. If the player wins, the player can repeat the process and bet with a low amount. However, when the player loses, the player will place another bet by doubling the bet amount until winning. When the player wins again, the player can return to placing bets with the initial small amount.

The players use the martingale strategy to win back their losses while keeping their profits from small bets. It is often advisable for the player to stop playing after bagging the first profitable win. In this strategy, the player does not need to make a 50/50 bet every time. The strategy enables the players to gather small wins with a reduced risk of losing the entire bankroll.

The technique is perfect for players willing to use huge real money for small wins at the best payout online casino. In the technique, the player must possess a fairly sizable bankroll because the player will make bets on even money bets. Players who use the technique often end with small wins in their casino games because they often place their bets on outside bets.

This technique also enables the players to win an acceptable amount because there are more casino games to play. The player also wins the same amount of real money they bet during the roulette casino game. These players will have to double their bets over and over in the case of a losing streak. However, the players can play free slot games with bonuses such as no deposit bonus at the best payout online casinos, like

James Bond

James Bond is a progressive technique involving players choosing their bet amount proportionally. These players will split the bet into three parts. The first part of the bet is 70%, the second part is 25%, and the third part is 5%. A progression occurs if the player loses; after that, the player will have to double the chips.

In this strategy, the players can place their bets on 19-36 and 0. The bet on 19-36 has a high payout in European and American roulette. The player should place 70% of the total amount on the 19-36 because of the high payout at the best online casino. The chances for a profit of close to 50% are high irrespective of the variation the player chooses.

Also, the second place where the players should place their chips is called the line bet. The players can put their chips from 13 to 18 while wagering 25% of their total amount. There is a payout of 5 to 1 at this point, and the chances are lower. The player has an average of 15.8% while playing American roulette and 16.2% while playing European roulette.

James Bond’s strategy does not affect the house edge in the roulette game. The strategy computes the probability of winning individual bets and profits. It is a technique that involves the spread of risks to help increase the chances of the player receiving high rewards. The following are the bets involved in the James Bond strategy:

• In the first bet, the players will bet 14 units. These 14 units will be on the number bet from 19 to 36.
• The second bet involves the player betting five units on the numbers from thirteen to eighteen.
• In the third bet, the players will bet their remaining one unit on the ball to rest in the zero baskets.

Reverse Martingale

The reverse martingale is a simple technique that involves the doubling of bets. The AU players will start by deciding the size of the bet they want to use as a unit. In the case of the martingale strategy, the players double the bet when they lose. However, in the reverse martingale, the players double the bet whenever they win.

These players will place a bet on just a unit during the initial bet. If these players lose, the players will retain the bet as a unit. However, if these players win, they can double the size of the bet. The reverse martingale involves the players doubling their next bet after a win and retaining the current bet when they lose.

The reverse martingale has two variations which are capped and uncapped. In the capped reverse martingale, the players can reset their stake to one after several wins. However, in the uncapped reverse martingale, the players double their bets every time they win. Most times, the players often stop playing after their total bankroll exceeds the player’s total bankroll.

Roulette is a game of chance, and there are no strategies that guarantee consistent wins in a game of chance. However, there are strategies that players follow when playing the best online casino games, such as roulette, to increase their chances of winning. In the reverse martingale technique, the progression depends on the level of risk the player is willing to take. The following table shows some profits and probabilities of the reverse martingale technique:

Round Probability Bet Outcome Total Profit
1 48.6% 1 Win 1
5 3.04% 16 Win 31
10 0.09% 512 Win 1023


The Fibonacci technique involves the multiple application of a sequence of numbers. In Fibonacci, the sum of the two previous numbers will give rise to the following number in the sequence. The roulette’s Fibonacci strategy mainly applies to bets on even money only. These even money numbers are 1 – 18 or 19 – 36, red or black, and odd and even.

In the Fibonacci technique, players increase their bets if they lose along the sequence. The technique is a negative progression system that is less aggressive compared to other systems. It is a technique that involves the doubling back of bets after a loss to win back the losses.

The Fibonacci system is one of the most successful and safest roulette techniques. It is a technique with excellent potential to bring players some wins. Using this strategy, the player does not need to start placing their bets at one in a roulette game. The following steps are involved in the Fibonacci technique:

• Make your first bet using the Fibonacci sequence by starting from one or any number.
• Move two numbers to the left each time you win.
• If you lose, move one number to the right and place a wager.
• When starting a new sequence, repeat the process.

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There are various techniques that AU players can use in online roulette casino games. Although roulette is a game of chance, these techniques help to increase the chances of winning. These techniques give the players a considered approach to the outcome of a game’s payout odds. Techniques also ensure the players are aware of their risks when playing.

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