surf boats with autowake technology

Surf Boats with Autowake Technology: Here’s Why You Need One

AutoWake, a revolutionary technology, lets you program your wake and ride the waves by just pushing a button. It can eliminate frustration from your boating experience when appropriately utilized. This cool system, intended to provide you with the best wakesurfing and wakeboarding experience possible, is available on select modern boats.

If you’re investing in a wake surf boat, it is important to check whether the boat has AutoWake technology. This patented technology is transforming the world of wakeboarding.

Let us examine why you need a surf boat with Autowake and how the technology works.

How Does AutoWake Technology Work?

AutoWake’s four patent-protected systems coordinate to generate consistent wakes and waves. These technologies monitor the bat’s depth, pitch, and roll in real-time, allowing the ballast to be adjusted accordingly.

Ballast is measured and added to help achieve the water’s desired pitch, roll, and displacement using predictive state technology. The boat’s weight is controlled by this system, allowing the driver to kick back and enjoy the trip without interruption.

You may customize your wave and wake experience by creating and saving rider profiles in the primary control panel. AutoWake will keep your custom wave parameters in memory until you manually override them. Saving rider profiles also saves a ton of time.

Reasons Why You Need a Surfboat With AutoWake Technology

You Have Complete Control Over the Size and Form of the Wake

Automatically adjusting the roll hull angle values and pitch for accuracy and uniformity is made possible by the system’s many sensors and algorithms. This will allow the driver to spend more time taking in the scenery and less time fiddling with the boat’s controls.

Better Control

AutoWake’s user-friendliness is arguably one of the most valuable features in surf boats. You may tailor the boat’s performance to your preferences by pushing a button, giving you more time to enjoy the ride.

Increased Uniformity

AutoWake will ensure you have the best possible surf and wake waves to enjoy whenever you go in the water. With the stroke of a button, you can recreate the same spectacular waves and wakes day after day, every day. The system makes this possible by using exact rolling and pitching hull angle numbers.

Moreover, if the system cannot achieve the desired results independently, it will instruct you on how to distribute your body mass within the speed boat to get the desired results. With such consistency in the wave, you may work on honing your skills and making more significant gains.

Drivers of Any Level of Experience Can Benefit From It

The AutoWake technology is helpful whether you’re a seasoned captain or just testing the waters (literally). It lets drivers relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about anything.

It’s Useful for Learning How to Balance Your Weight

The AutoWake system also provides weight management advice in case you’re unsure how to distribute the overall weight of the boat. If it can’t get the numbers on its own, it will instruct you on how to distribute your boat’s load to get the desired results.

Create Identical, Spectacular Waves and Wakes at the Touch of a Button

It adjusts the hull’s orientation so that the resulting wave or wake is consistent in size and shape. And it achieves all this without bothering passengers or diverting attention from the road. AutoWake is a remarkable technological feat and an outstanding engineering accomplishment.


As the driver of wakeboard boat, you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. To make things simpler, you should use AutoWake. To avoid distractions, the innovative technology excels as a wakeboard and wakesurf system. If you want a stress-free and unforgettable time on the waves, a wakeboard boat with AutoWake technology is an absolute must.

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