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5 Great Sympathy Gift Ideas You Should Know Of

Giving gifts to people is a human tradition that has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. People use the gift to express themselves in ways that words cannot. We give gifts to express love, show support or prove that we value the recipient’s role in our lives. Whatever the reason may be behind the gesture, the act is always down from a place of love.

However, gifts shouldn’t only be given when people mark a milestone like birthdays, graduation, wedding anniversaries, and the like; gifts can also be given during moments of sadness. Such gifts are called sympathy gifts.

What Is A Sympathy Gift?

A sympathy gift is a gift given to a person in the throes of grief. This type of gift is offered to show support and love in trying times when one is dealing with the passing of a loved one. Sympathy gifts have sentimental value, and the recipient tends to develop a strong connection with the gift because it represents the deceased, one way or the other, in their lives.

Suffice to say that any gift that reminds the beneficiary of their departed loved one is a sympathy gift.

Here are five great sympathy gift ideas that inspire hope in a grieving heart.

1. Memorial Bench

A memorial bench is such a great sympathy gift idea because of its long term value. You can recreate a replica bench similar to the one the deceased loved to seat and place it at their favorite spot. To make the bench even more valuable, you can engrave a personalized message or their favorite quote on the bench. This gift is highly prized for fathers who loved to sit and chitchat with family and friends outdoors for hours on end.

A memorial bench is one gift that will be appreciated by all those who loved the deceased and honor their memory. If possible, you may contact the local park in your area and have the bench installed in their favorite spot to honor them.

2. Memory Tree

Another great sympathy gift idea is to plant a memory tree to honor the departed. Trees mean many things, but two things come to mind; healing and strength. A tree is a symbolic gift to honor the memory of a cherished friend or family member’s memory.

When the tree eventually matures, if it is a fruit tree, it will provide fruit to all, which can be a heartwarming experience for all those who share the memory of whom the tree was named after. If it has long branches, it can provide comfort and shade from the sun.

Memory trees are quite symbolic and a great gift idea. Moreover, the fact that the recipient will have to nurture the tree until it grows will help them create a bond with the tree. Despite being dead, the memory of their loved one lives on in that tree.

3. Charity Donation

One of the most common sympathy gifts is given to honor a dead person. Donating money to a course the person believed in is a smart way to show love and support to those grieving their passing. You can select a charity or have the mourner select a charity they would like to donate to. If the deceased believed in a course or donated to a charity when they were alive, you can continue the tradition in their honor.

4. Engraved Jewelry

Still on sympathy gift ideas, a piece of engraved jewelry is another option. If you want to give a piece of jewelry with a strong sentimental value, you can have the deceased’s name engraved on a piece of jewelry and offer it as a gift. This can be done in one of two ways.

If the person had jewelry they were with during their time on earth; you can have their handwriting, initials, name, or image engraved on it. Or you may buy a piece of new jewelry and have it modified to bear any of these marks. Jewelry remains a valuable sympathy gift to remember a dead parent, friend, child or close friend.

5. Name A Star

The fifth sympathy gift we recommend is to name a star as a gift to show your sympathy.

Anytime the star comes alight, they will be remembered for the life they lived on earth and all the happy memories. You can name a star after them or even their nickname. Furthermore, the registry you contact for the job will issue a certificate on a date you want, such as their date of birth. While the cost of naming a star will not bore a deep hole in your pocket, the value of the act far outweighs the price. You can buy a sympathy star gift kit here.


These are five great sympathy gift ideas you can offer to honor those who have lost a loved one. The gesture of giving any of these gifts will be quite symbolic, and the recipient will definitely appreciate them.

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