take care of dog this winter

Tips to Take Care of Your Dog This Winter

Winters can be very harsh, not just to humans but to animals too. In places where snowfall is common, it is especially important to keep yourselves and your pets as warm as possible.

Since our furry friends cannot verbally express their discomfort through our language, it is up to us to look after them carefully these few months.

If you’re a dog owner and this is the first winter your baby is going to experience, here are some tips to take care of your dog this winter!

1. Keep our pets indoors

All dogs feel chilly during winters, no matter how furry they are. It is, therefore, best to keep them indoors as much as possible.

Since dogs have very soft paws, try your best to not take your pet outside for walks. Even if you do, make sure you buy comfortable dog shoes. Many of us also have stray dogs that roam around near our houses, so try bringing them indoors too, and give them lots of warmth!

2. Warm woolens

Can we ever imagine stepping out in the freezing cold without proper jackets or sweaters? Never! The same applies to our dogs too. When you take your dog for a run outside, make sure you cover them up in comfortable woolen clothes.

In case you’re wondering where to buy proper winter clothes for dogs, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. You can easily buy dog supplies at PETstock in Australia. From toys to sweaters, PETstock has it all!

3. Lakes or ponds

While taking your dog out for a walk, avoid frozen lakes and ponds at all costs. Your dog might want to jump in puddles, but one wrong step, and it can be deadly for you and your pet both.

4. Shaving the fur

Did you know that dog owners spend nearly $73 per year just on pet grooming. But what we fail to realize is that your dog’s thick, silky coat is a natural warmer.

So don’t make the mistake of shaving your dog’s coat during winters. A little bit of trimming is fine, but try to keep that as minimal as possible.

5. Beds and mattresses

No matter how much your dog chews up the mattresses or blankets, always prepare proper bedding and cozy blankets during its nap times.

The prolonged contact with the cold floor can cause various illnesses, so remember to buy a little couch where your baby can sleep peacefully at night.

6. Health checkups

Dogs are extremely prone to diseases during winters, so it might be necessary to schedule visits to the vet more frequently.

Don’t panic, most of the time your dog might just be suffering from a cold. But even then, it is always best to get the doctor’s opinion regarding proper medication. Also, keep a proper track record of deworming and vaccination during this time.

7. Bathing

Just like us, dogs hate taking baths during winters. And it’s not necessary to give them a bath as often as you would during summers because your pooch will stay indoors mostly. Therefore, giving them a bath once or twice a month is more than enough during winters.

If you feel your dog has started to smell a little, use a dry bath or dog-friendly deodorants to ward off the smell. You can also wipe the paws and face with a little bit of saline water to remove dirt and gunk.

8. Lots of water

This is applicable in countries where the temperature drops very low. The water turns icy cold, so your dog prefers to not drink it at all. But if it doesn’t drink the minimum amount required, it’ll suffer from dehydration.

So change the water in the dog bowl frequently, and don’t put too much water at once. Let it sip off the water slowly, and then if you feel it needs more water, pour a little more.

9. Heaters and lamps

If you have a dog that loves jumping and trotting around the entire house, you might want to keep away the heaters and other heating devices.

Your precious little baby might accidentally trip over them and injure itself, causing serious burns or wounds.

Over to you…

This winter, make sure you have all the things you need to keep your dog comfy and cozy, such as clothes, blankets, shoes, or other products. But do not forget to give the biggest warmth of all – your constant love and affection!

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