teaching is not just a job

Top Reasons Why Teaching Is Not Just a Job

If you are thinking of going to college to become a teacher, you should be prepared that it is not just another career. You will be changing people’s lives in ways you can’t even imagine. Before you enroll in college for this express purpose, consider some of these things. You’ll be all the happier for it.

Paying Your Degree

Before you become a certified teacher, you have to get a degree which requires a way to pay for it. You should look for as many free ways to pay for your college expenses first, such as grants and scholarships for which you may be eligible.

After your free options are exhausted, it is time to look for other ways to cover the difference. One recommended way to pay for attending college is to apply for a student loan through a private lender. This can benefit you by allowing you more flexible repayment options than with a government student loan. You also build your personal credit history by repaying the loans in a timely manner.


After you become a teacher, you may find the environment to be quite energizing. Some teachers claim this is because each day presents a new set of rewarding challenges. Their students continue to learn and evolve on a daily basis and no two classes are ever the same.

Dealing with the Schedule

One huge personal benefit of becoming a teacher is the work schedule. While the days are long when school is in session, you will enjoy most government holidays off and, of course, several summer months off.

If you teach in a district that goes to school all year long, you will have blocks of vacation time throughout the year. What’s best about all of that vacation time is that it is paid. One more thing to consider if you have children is that if they are in the same district as the one you teach in, you automatically have the same days off. This makes family vacations much easier to plan.

Always Be Yourself

One aspect of the job that many teachers profess they love is the fact that teachers can simply be themselves in the classroom. Every teacher has a different personality and it is those differences that can really set classrooms apart and make them a joy to learn in.

Some teachers may be more serious than their peers while others bring a zanier approach to their profession. However, they are all building upon their personalities and giving children or young adults the gift of learning and of knowledge.


Another bonus for becoming a teacher is the job security that it offers. There will always be a need for teachers, no matter where in the world you live. In fact, you can move to virtually anywhere you want and be able to teach while you are there. If traveling is not really your thing, staying in one place also has its advantages. When you become tenured as a teacher, you are essentially set for life in your job.

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