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Top 12 Must-Have Tech Gifts to Buy for the Tech-Obsessed

Every year around this time, people are wondering what to buy their significant other or parent or friend for the holidays. If you have a tech-obsessed person in your life who has everything, it can be difficult finding them a suitable gift that won’t be regretted next Christmas.

That’s why we’re here to help. We rounded up 20 of our favorite tech-related gifts that any tech lover would treasure and be excited about receiving as a present! Many of the products listed below are available on amazon. Btw, do you know what amazon renewed means?

1. iPhone Case – Otter Box Defender Series:

Nothing is worse than dropping your brand spanking new phone only to find out that its screen is shattered and covered in cracks. This case will keep your beloved smartphone safe from falls and drops so you won’t have to worry about it shattering the next time you drop it.

2. WD 3TB External Hard Drive:

Your tech lover probably has a favorite smartphone or tablet that they use all of the time but eventually, the storage gets filled up and they start having to delete pictures and apps just to make room for new ones.

This external hard drive will keep their data safe in case something happens to their computer or laptop when they’re trying to save files on there. It can also be used as an additional storage system if your tech-loving friend already has an extra hard drive lying around!

3. Fitbit Charge HR Activity Tracker :

A fitness tracker is a great gift idea for any person who is passionate about working out and staying fit. It will help them track their activity levels so they can see how many calories they are burning throughout the day, as well as keep track of their heart rate all day long.

4. iPhone 6 protective case :

Your tech lover probably loves taking pictures with his or her smartphone, but it never hurts to own an extra phone case that is guaranteed to protect your phone from falls and drops. This case will definitely give you peace of mind if you drop your phone often or happen to accidentally knock it off the table when you were reaching for something else! You can also check out articles on wayfair vs overstock.

5. Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) :

Every tech lover has headphones lying around the house, whether it’s earbuds to listen to music with or a pair of over-the-ear headphones for watching movies on their laptops. That’s why we decided to recommend this as one of our favorite gift ideas! They will absolutely love the sound quality that these bad boys provide, and they can use them whenever they feel like it.


If you’re really looking to splurge and want to give your tech lover an awesome gift this year, we highly recommend getting them a GoPro camera so they can start creating their own adventures and taking jaw-dropping selfies along the way! It doesn’t matter what kind of activities your loved one is into – skiing, hiking, fishing – they will be able to find unique ways to capture all of their activities.

7. Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones :

In addition to having a pair of headphones for watching movies or listening to music, your tech lover will also need a high-quality pair of headphones that he or she can use while commuting on public transportation or sitting in traffic one day when they’re not feeling well and just want to tune out the world by playing their favorite songs! These Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones are definitely our top pick in terms of quality and comfortability.

8. Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop:

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable laptop that has enough room to store all of your tech lover’s documents, photos, software programs, etc., we highly recommend the Toshiba Satellite C55 Laptop. It has plenty of space to store all the documents they will need, while including enough functionality for your loved one to complete their school or work assignments! Do not miss out on old navy cashback.

9. Riedel VINUM Single Bottle Wine Glasses:

If you’re buying a gift for somebody who loves wine and is obsessed with collecting different wines from around the world, these glasses would definitely make an ideal gift. They are made out of premium-quality glass so they can be used easily without worrying about them breaking in the dishwasher or after they’ve been accidentally knocked over on the countertop.

10. Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R/B Full HD Camcorder:

This mini action camera is waterproof and has many features that will allow them to film their outdoor adventures in stunning HD quality. It’s even compatible with GoPro mounts, so your loved one can strap it on to his or her surfboard, bike, helmet, etc.

11. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player:

A streaming player is a must-have for any person who’s an active Netflix viewer or simply wants to enjoy movies and TV shows on demand without paying expensive cable bills for hundreds of channels they don’t watch! This device plugs right into the HDMI port on your TV and allows you to stream all of your favorite video content directly onto your big screen. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough storage space on your laptop again!

12. Tech Armor High-Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protectors:

Nobody likes having to constantly replace or buy new phones because the screen has been cracked or shattered. That’s why we always recommend buying a good quality screen protector, and this one is definitely our top pick in terms of affordable and high-quality protection!

The clarity on your phone will be just as good as when you first bought it thanks to these protectors, and your tech lover will never have to worry about whether he or she accidentally drops their phone again!

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