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How Technology Has Changed The Horse Betting Industry

There are few sports that have their finger on the pulse more so than horse racing, with constant changes made to the sport via the adoption of technology in the betting services provided.

Betting on horse racing makes it one of the most commercially successful in the world, with there currently being more bettors on the sport than there are regular viewers of the action in the United States.

This is very much the case when it comes to the biggest events on the calendar, with millions wagered annually on the Kentucky Derby. You can check the current odds here:

So, what are some of the technological changes that have been made in the industry, and what further changes could we expect to see in the future?

Ease Of Mobile Betting

Being able to bet on mobile devices has helped shape betting on horse racing throughout recent history, with gamblers able to easily make their selections in quick time. This is a polar opposite of what betting on the sport was previously like, as bettors would have either needed to call up their local bookie, or even visit a local branch to get their wager on.

Meanwhile, betting was typically first only available for those actually attending a race meeting, which shows how far betting on the sport has come in the modern era. Nowadays, most bettors will opt to make their wagers on their mobile devices at one of the leading horse racing betting apps. The apps are an excellent option for all bettors in this modern day, with all of the most popular markets available on the racecard.

Bettors will also be able to easily see the odds, with special attention on the apps drawn to the runners that are drifting in price or shortening. Overall, it has helped improve the experience that bettors can enjoy when making their selections on horse racing action.

Bet On All Racing

One of the most interesting developments that technology has enabled on horse racing is the ability to bet on horse racing all around the world. As mentioned previously, bettors were typically restricted on the races that they could wager on, with the majority of action taking place in their home country.

However, that couldn’t be further from the case in this modern era, as bettors are able to make selections on massive races that are further afield. This includes American bettors having the opportunity to bet on massive races taking place in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

It has also opened up the opportunity for bettors to wager on action that has huge superstar power in the Middle East and Hong Kong. All of this ensures that bettors can get more out of their wagers by following horse racing action that typically takes place outside of the regular time zones where they are located.

Virtual Reality

There has been a significant shift toward virtual reality when it comes to the services provided by the leading online casinos around the world. Therefore, it would be little surprise to see the technology adapted to enhance the experience when it comes to betting on sports.

VR is by no means the newest piece of technology that is being used by betting companies, but it is yet to make much of an impact when it comes to betting on sports. It could have a huge impact on the experience of those looking to make wagers on the horse racing, with many speculating whether it could enhance the experience of the bettor and give them an experience that they would typically only enjoy if they were actually at the racing.

Headsets could be worn by bettors to engage in the pre-race events, such as looking up close at the runners before making their selection. This could also open up an exciting way to watch racing action with many of the leading sportsbooks now offering live streaming for all races across the world.


Virtual reality could be one of the most exciting technological advances when it comes to the service provided by sportsbooks, as it will take features that are already widely enjoyed by fans to a new level.

Live streaming has been one of the most exciting developments that has been made due to the growth in technology, as fans can now watch their runners after making a selection. But, tech such as VR and augmented reality could only further this experience. The latter could also be a key development when it comes to getting further date for horses and jockeys that could be useful to a bettor before making a selection.

The future of the sport looks incredibly bright, and the experience that can be enjoyed by fans and bettors of the sport are only likely to improve further with the growing modes of tech that are becoming readily available.

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