Red Sea Gateway

Jeddah Journals: Unveiling the Beauty of the Red Sea Gateway

Embark on your journey to witness the aquatic spectacles of the Red Sea situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The scenic wonder and all the activities around the coast welcome tourists worldwide throughout the year. From extensive barrier reefs to swimming with the dolphins, your visit to Jeddah promises a new, refreshing experience underwater.

Imagine yourself strolling around the streets of Jeddah and exploring the lavish malls in the early morning after a day of life-changing scuba diving experience. You can experience all that with budget-friendly tickets for the Delhi to Jeddah flight from Cleartrip. Today’s guide will tell you about the biggest highlights that are a must-visit upon your arrival at Jeddah.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking through the waters of the Red Sea presents you with the adventure of your lifetime, with the challenge of testing the resilience of your arms and legs while giving you picturesque sights of coral reefs and other spectacular views of the sea.

Pick your partner wisely, as the small boat can carry two people maximum. A pro tip would be to undertake the journey with whom you can partner, as the boat needs to be padded with a double-bladed oar.

2. Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Because of the wonderful weather in Jeddah, scuba diving and snorkeling are available to tourists throughout the year. The water is always warm and nice. Therefore, the diver in you can enjoy the untouched reefs underwater and witness the different fish species while undertaking the activity. From coral reefs to the majestic stingrays, all of these await you underwater, where you will experience nature that will leave you calm even after you come out of the water. To enjoy the coral reefs fully, a pro tip would be to take a boat journey to the permanent reef structure.

3. Wakeboarding

Among numerous of the highlights of the Red Sea, Wakeboarding is one of the most famous ones. It is the ideal activity that will feed you with an adrenaline rush. All you must do is balance on a board and grab onto a rope fastened to a boat, which will drag you as it drives away. Enjoy the water splashes while you balance yourself and perform maneuvers and stunts to make the most of this activity.

4. Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is your best bet if you are traveling with your friends and wish to enjoy something collectively. A race between your friends will certainly be a lot of enjoyment and will live in your memories eternally.

5. Parasailing

Parasailing is an excellent activity that allows you to witness everything from a bird’s eye view. In this activity, you will be connected to a parasail attached to the boat on the water. As the boat starts taking speed, you will be up in the air enjoying the cool breeze, free from any noise, looking down at the beautiful Red Sea and the land on the shore.

Wrapping Up

All these fun activities await you by the coast of Jeddah. Check out Cleartrip for all your booking needs before your journey to see the wonderful city of Jeddah and enjoy all its activities.

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